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Explore Your Additive Manufacturing Potential

Discover printable parts in your inventory before purchasing your next EOS machine.

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Find Applications for EOS Machines With Rapid Part Identifier

EOS North America's Additive Minds has partnered with 3YOURMIND to enable customers to realize their full potential in additive and distributed manufacturing.

Through this partnership, you’ll gain access to software that’s specifically tailored for both your business and your EOS machines.

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3YD EOS release

Powerful Additive Manufacturing Tools Tailored to You

This software will let you quickly identify profitable parts for your EOS machines and show a clear-cut analysis of their printability. Within just a few minutes, you’ll be able to see whether or not your parts are fit for 3D printing, as well as profit projections.

EOS and 3YOURMIND jointly developed the Rapid Part Identifier software solution by:

  • Leveraging EOS data to improve the 3YOURMIND algorithm and more accurately predict costs and application printability.

  • Increasing the speed of part screening for customers with large, traditionally manufactured application inventory.

  • Providing end users with a comparative digital inventory of uploaded and evaluated parts to make data-driven decisions based on results


“The biggest advantage we've had now with 3YOURMIND is we can put a CSV file, 500 parts, 1000 parts, and you can screen those parts, and you can get results within a few minutes, and that's, that's a big, big advantage.”


– Syed Nameer, Partner Manager at EOS


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