Agile MES Efficient Additive Manufacturing Scheduling is driven by Software and Data

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Agile Manufacturing Execution System built for AM

The Agile MES connects and tracks parts through the AM production process. Bringing digital planning that match your custom AM workflows multiplies the effectiveness of your engineers and brings agility to your processes. Automation software is critical to scale AM processes without simply adding more manual workers. But don’t take our word for it, the Agile MES is already driving the additive manufacturing workflows at Erpro, who produced over 17,000,000 AM parts in 2017.


Need Automatic Part Prioritization for AM Print Jobs?

As AM applications scale, it becomes increasingly important to use software to automatically recommend efficient production job scheduling. The Agile MES defines potential print jobs based on material, delivery date or priority level without digging through orders, emails and data.


Want Custom AM Workflows that Match Production Processes?

Additive Manufacturing has a much longer value chain than just starting a 3D printer. Our software allows customers to define AM workflows that match the exact production and post-processes your company uses to manage AM production. 

Those workflows are reused throughout the software to track the various combinations of parts, machines and workstations in order to deliver the right parts at the right quality at the right time. Custom AM workflows are essential to bring agility to your additive manufacturing and improve quality assurance.


Achieve Transparency with Digital AM Production Planning

As companies continue to add machines, materials, post-processing units, and personnel they ultimately reach the point where digital systems are essential to keep an accurate overview of the production floor. Your team can plan efficiently using print job estimations, post-processing chains, automatic production sheet generation and scheduled downtime.

All changes are instantly visible at the unit, part and order level to increase transparency, improve machine utilization and meet production deadlines.


Track AM Orders throughout Production

The companies that use both our Agile ERP and Agile MES benefit from an integrated software solution that tracks AM parts from order through production. Each unit is tracked as a separate sequence to improve transparency with the progress visible to anyone with access. Production errors can immediately be marked as scrapped and will be cycled back into the scheduling system.


Generate AM Part Production Sheets to support Quality Assurance

Additive Manufacturing offers more choice but also more complexity. The Agile MES helps your team manage this complexity with digital and physical part production sheets that are automatically generated based on custom AM workflows, progress of part and the approved workloads for each workstation.

The travelers all include a QR code to quickly jump from the production floor to digital tracking. Production engineers can mark progress, leave digital signatures and comment on production results to leave a clear, searchable auditing trail.


Ready for Real-time Data from AM Machine Connectivity?

The Agile MES includes machine connectivity with leading AM machine venders to pull production data directly from machines into the Agile Manufacturing Suite for tracking and analysis. 

Since almost all AM services include machines from multiple vendors, all production data is translated to the umati data standard to create a single, real-time production floor overview. This includes custom drivers to translate data from other standards like MTConnect, OPC UA, or dedicated machine languages from specific manufacturers. The result is a complete solution for bidirectional controlling and tracking of production that is built to scale towards automation.


Why use umati to Standardize AM Machine Data

Umati is a modern data standard that is being defined to function with all modern, automated production and post-processing machines. It is based on the long-standing OPC UA format but optimized for data transfer speed, using both read and write capabilities and building a full dictionary to manage current today’s agile production use cases. The group includes leading machine and tooling vendors alongside software teams who immediately validate the available data for automation.

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Agile MES Customer Success


Digitization is key for increasing the performance of our Chanel production line. We will use 3YOURMIND like a global ERP to manage the entire workflow at Erpro.

Cyrille Vue
CEO, Erpro


An End-to-End Software Suite for Agile Manufacturing

The companies who use 3YOURMIND’s Agile MES receive a software system to add scheduling and tracking automation across their production streams. With order management automation in the Agile ERP or digital inventory populated with validated AM parts, companies are ready to take the next step into Agile Manufacturing.

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