Data-driven production floor optimization.

Our Agile Manufacturing Execution System (Agile MES) increases transparency and speeds up the information flow across your production floor. Enable maximum efficiency with smart part prioritization, dynamic scheduling and real-time machine monitoring. It’s time to integrate agile automation into your production stream.

Digital Production Planning

Shift from email and Excel to digital AM workflow management and watch your efficiency grow.

  • Smart Part Prioritization
  • Agile AM Workflows
  • Dynamic Production Scheduling

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Process Monitoring and Controlling

Track production in real time to guarantee reproducible quality and maintain your delivery times.

  • Direct Machine Integration
  • Part and Sequence Tracking
  • Data-Driven Production Optimization

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Digital Production Planning

Smart Part Prioritization

Job Build Recommendations
Use our digital recommendation engine to select parts for each build job based on multiple criteria including material type, delivery date and machine availability. Your production planner can make better decisions by leveraging the software analysis to weigh multiple variables while creating jobs and schedules.

Increase Profitability
Your profit is directly tied to your ability to keep a high machine utilization and meet the part delivery dates your clients selected. Smart Part Prioritization groups similar material selections, machine settings and processing selections into the fewest possible production steps. It automatically breaks each ordered part into a single sequence that can be slotted into production slots for maximum production floor efficiency.

Smart Part Prioritization for Build Jobs using Agile MES

Agile AM Workflows

Custom AM Workflows
Within your facility parts go through hundreds of different production sequences based on the material, processing and available personnel. The Agile MES allows you to create unlimited workflows that can be assigned to each part in production. Those templates can be assigned automatically or can be customized to each individual part. Using workflow templates also dramatically lowers the onboarding time for new employees.

Clear Production Resource Assignment
Within each workflow you can assign available machines that complete each step. Within the software each part sequence will be assigned to specific workstations for tracking and floor efficiency management. By exporting the daily parts list for each workstation you drastically reduce the possibility for errors.

Dynamic Production Scheduling

Automatic Schedule Recommendations
The Agile MES will recommend job assignments to available machines and personnel based on availability and delivery dates. The assignment is tracked for each individual part sequence and generate job assignments and processing task lists instantly.

Dynamic Resource Adjustment
When a print job fails or the priority of your orders change, the Agile MES can adjust the entire production schedule with one click. This includes rescheduling failed prints or shifting jobs between machines to respond to machine maintenance or scheduled downtime. Keeping a clear overview is more than just planning ahead. It is agile responding to the realities of production.

AM Scheduling and Production Management using Agile MES

Process Monitoring and Controlling

Direct Machine Integrations (Beta)

Guarantee Quality through Monitoring
In additive manufacturing, the real-time production parameters have a huge influence on the quality of the final parts. The Agile MES tracks that information to provide real-time quality assurance for each part. The information is digitally stored with each job to enable a high degree of reproducibility of parts and facilitate the certification process. The process status is also delivered back into the Agile MES to adjust production schedules automatically.

Defining Custom Workflows for Additive Manufacturing

Order and Production Sequence Tracking

Precise Production Tracking
See the real-time status of each order and part sequence along your entire value chain. Production updates, processing steps and administrative tasks can all be managed in a single workflow and can be easily adjusted by your team.

Automatic Notification System
Let your production team know about special events that affect production status and keep your customers up to date. In addition to standard notifications, when a build job fails or a machine encounters processing errors, status updates can automatically be sent to anyone who needs to know. You maintain control of messages sent.

Data-Driven Production Optimization

Track Production Material
Using both order data estimations and machine report about material usage and production volume, the Agile MES provides a clear picture of your actual status. The reports help you account for material reuse and order volume to help you better optimize the pricing algorithms of your service.

Analyze and Optimize Processes
The Agile MES dashboard provides an overview of your workstations, processing steps and employee allocation and business related KPIs. This enables you to quickly determine the processes and workflows that are working best and which are ready to improve. Most importantly, seeing the effectiveness of your entire shop floor in one report helps you to better predict how to expand your facility in terms of both equipment and employees.

Dashboard for Agile MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

We have very good experience in working together with 3YOURMIND, and we trust in their capabilities to overachieve our ambitious goals. Therefore we are happy to announce the implementation of the Agile MES as a pilot version for our Polymer benchmark production management solutions. As pioneers in the AM industry, I believe strongly that only innovations will boost the adoption of the AM Technology. Especially, integrated software solutions are an underestimated growth driver and the 3YOURMIND’s Software solutions can become a key enabler by adding digital connections along the production chain. Shaping the Future of Manufacturing is goal which will be achieved by like-minded complementary partners, such as 3YOURMIND and AdditiveMinds of EOS

Güngör Kara, Chief Digital Officer of EOS GmbH

End-to-End AM Workflow Optimization

Not satisfied with having an agile production floor? Connecting the Agile MES to part identification and order processing creates the AM workflows that truly represent the future of manufacturing whether you are a print service or an enterprise company.

Ready for data-driven production floor optimization?

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