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Machine connectivity3D Pulse Control

Unlock the full potential of your production floor with automation.

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industrial internet of things IIoT

Machine connectivity is at the forefront of the IIoT

  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) provides the connection and access to intelligence in the physical world.
  • It is rapidly transforming companies, and opening up a new era of opportunities and challenges for Industrial OEMs.
  • In the rise of the machines, Machine connectivity plays a key role by providing real-time information about your production processes and by creating a true digital twin from your shop floor.


Challenges on the production floor

As users on the shop floor, the production manager, operators or quality managers are faced with different challenges:
  • Have an overview of the jobs, condition, materials, health of the 3d printers.
  • Take all necessary actions in terms of job tracking, scheduling, prioritization.
  • Make decisions based on analytical data.
  • Decrease manual work and reduce costs and delays.



Data control, the key driver of the digital workshop

  • The shop floor is the heart of AM production and its heartbeat reflects the health of the business. Keeping it balanced and steady is at the core of the additive manufacturing strategy.

  • The foundation of the smart factory lies in automation with data aggregation and control and depends on standardization between devices that speak the same language.

Machine connectivity 3D Pulse Control

Take control of your shop floor with all the data you need to harness the power of your AM production.

  • All data in one agile platform
  • In real time for better visibility and traceability

Our digital thread covers the entire production process by pushing machine data to the Agile MES platform through the DATA CONNECTOR, an IIoT communication platform to collect, map & translate machine data. 

machine connectivity 3yourmind

AGILE MES with MACHINE CONNECTIVITY The winning combination

  • Process automation : Get the order. Respond. Make it. ALL in one place. All the data of parts and materials in one platform as a single point of control for better decision making and reduced complexity and manual labor.

  • Full production visibility and transparency to utilize all machine capacities: smart part prioritization, digital production planning, part sequence tracking, production sheet generation...

  • Production traceability:  full digital thread in the value chain and production process.

  • Production data and machine interaction: Get real-time updates of machine and job events. Start scheduled print jobs automatically.

  • Automatic and dynamic board reporting to track utilization, productivity, cost and lead time reduction.

  • Ensure quality of parts and maintenance requirements.

  • Enable distributed manufacturing: monitor large production facilities at multiple sites from a single source, create transparency across your global process landscape, identify saving potentials early in the process and react fast and gain real-time insights in your worldwide production network by leveraging data analytics. 
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The Data Connector as the translator of machine languages

  • To achieve a Plug&Play connection to machines of different vendors, machine data must be provided in a standardized way.
  • The Data Connector  converts data from different printer protocols to a common format.

  • We are part of the umati group, which developed a common interface concept based on the industrial architecture OPC/UA. This is a modern data formatting, designed for input and output of data in preparation for Agile Manufacturing use cases.

  • We are doing the work to read existing machine data interfaces whether formatted in OPC/UA, MTConnect, or a proprietary format from the vendor and converting it to the umati data model.

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