Additive Manufacturing
Part Identifier

Automate your AM identification processes to instantly identify the 3D components that are technologically viable and economically profitable.

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Viewing AM Feasibility Report from Additive Manufacturing Part Identifier

AMPI Primary Features

The Additive Manufacturing Part Identifier instantly scans your part database to help you make intelligent decisions about allocating 3D printing resources:

  • Scan Thousands of Potential AM Parts in Seconds
  • Generate Instant Reports of Technical and Economical Feasibility
  • Inform Production Decisions with Clear Analysis
  • Analyze Multiple Databases in a Single Process
  • Directly Integrate into your Existing 3D Workflow
  • Provide Immediate Feedback for Engineers and Managers
Confusing pathways most companies try to identify AM use cases
Streamlines identification of parts suitable for AM with 3YOURMIND's AM Part Identifier

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Discover your Top AM Use Cases

All parts are automatically screened for technical and economical feasibility. Use the immediate scoring of all analyzed parts to make smart decisions about which ones are pro table for additive manufacturing (AM).

Integrate AM in your Daily Routine

Engineers and designers receive feedback on the AM feasibility of their latest design early on. Clear feedback from advanced analytic tools will spread the knowledge and usage of industrial 3D printing in your organization.

Remove bottlenecks in finding great use cases by automating the process. AMPI will provide an instant report that shows the technical and economical feasibility for all your screened parts. The assigned scores show you which parts are not a good fit for AM, the ones that just need a re-design and the great use cases that you can start producing profitably right away!

AM Part Identifier Project Dashboard showing Status of Scanned Parts

The AM Part Identifier can be easily integrated with your SAP or ERP system to directly analyze all relevant files from your database. In addition, you can manually upload files or do a .csv import or directly connect with your instance of 3YOURMIND Enterprise.

AM Part Identifier (AMPI) from 3YOURMIND Supported Data Types
The AM Part Identifier can be seamlessly integrated in your company's 3YOURMIND Platform to order suitable AM parts from internal or external 3D printing capacities. Enable machine learning to further improve the accuracy of the part identification process.
The AM Part Identifier is available as a secure web-based solution or can be installed directly on your company’s servers.
Keeping our customers’ data secure is part of the core offering of 3YOURMIND. We have strong security features to meet the security requirements of large companies. 3YOURMIND can also be implemented on your own servers and uses file encryption and layered permissions throughout the platform.
White-label solutions ensure that the platform’s look-and-feel matches your corporate identity.
Options for Customization of the Look and Feel of the AM Part Identifier

We invite you to discover how we can increase the usage of 3D printing at your company, lower the overhead costs, and drive up your machine utilization. The AM Part Identifier gives you an immediate starting point for profitable 3D production.

Together we will create the solutions to streamline and optimize your additive manufacturing processes.