Automatically Discover your AM Business Cases

The AM Part Identifier (AMPI) analyzes technical and economic data to reveal the next parts you should shift to additive. Each new part represents a new AM use case for your department and additional savings for your company.

Software Analysis to Find New Parts for AM.


The AM Part Identifier is unique in that it combines technical analysis, economic criteria and analytic algorithms to find the parts that should move to additive manufacturing. AMPI can be used to analyze existing data from your current inventory or it can screen the items your employees suggest and new orders the moment they come in.

Three Ways to Gather Potential AM Use Cases

Inventory Analysis.

Uncover the business cases hidden in your digital inventories.

Use Case Analysis.

Gather AM use cases from the people throughout your company.

Order Screening.

Only process the part quotations that are a real fit for AM.


AM-suitable parts represent production savings of up to 90% compared to conventional manufacturing.

AM-ready items already exist in your company.
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