eCommerce Platform for 3D Print Services

Optimize your AM service for your clients, with automatic order management and streamlined production processes

Provide an Online Shop

Join our AM Network

Instant, Accurate Pricing

Optimize Printer Utilization

Automate Order Management

Leverage Analytic Tools

Provide an Online Shop to your Customers

Provide your Customers with an instant printability analysis of their 3D models and allow them to filter options to select the best material and technology to meet their project requirements. The online platform becomes your new sales funnel, and enables you to receive orders 24/7.

Provide an Online Shop to your Customers

Join our On-Demand AM Supplier Network

By using our eCommerce Platform you become a part of our global AM supplier network and receive new orders from companies looking for reliable partners to outsource their AM production.

Automatic Pricing in Metal and Plastic

Accurate pricing is the cornerstone of profitability. Our platform not only provides an instant price for each model your customer uploads, it also includes simple steps to build and test your formulas before publishing pricing. A second formula can be added for the additional price calculation of support structures. The digital tools make it possible to add discounts and shipping time estimates that reflect your daily business realities.

Automatic Pricing in Metal and Plastic

Optimize your 3D Printer Utilization

3D models are analyzed for printability and optimized for each material and technology without any manual evaluation. All files, print specifications and customer communication is centralized in the platform to streamline the time operators need to prepare each print job. Operators can easily sort and download the models for each production cycle to ensure the maximum printer utilization.

Automate Order and Customer Management

3YOURMIND eCommerce provides both customers and operators with automatic updates about order status, additional information requests and tracking of the shipped packages. The platform minimize the time needed for routine communication, so that your experts can use their energy for solving challenges and increasing production.

Automate Order and Customer Management

Use Analytics to Increase Profits

Understanding customer behavior allows you to adapt your business to their specific needs. The eCommerce Platform includes several reports, developed specifically for the daily reporting requirements of AM Services.

3YOURMIND eCommerce Add-ons

Pre-Order Part Validation

Add a pre-order questionnaire to get additional part specifications from your customers and give them an automatic AM feasibility recommendation.

AM Services

AM Services is our on-demand modeling and consulting service to provide the additive manufacturing support you and your customers for expanding their AM usage.

Advanced Analytics

Early Access ProgramSee in-depth insights into how your customers engage with the ordering process to understand how you can continuously optimize your sales funnel.

Premium Integrations

Directly integrate your eCommerce Platform with your current management systems from SAP to ERP to MES. Increase your efficiency with the most complete automation of AM workflows.

Additional eCommerce Features


Web-Based or On-Premises Solution

Our Platform is available as a secure web-based platform or can be installed directly on your company’s servers.


Security Features

We understand the importance of maintaining strong security at every stage of their production process.


White-label Solution

Adjust the platform design to match your brand with clear customization tools.

Capture the Potential of Industrial 3D Printing

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