The Leading Enterprise Platform for Industrial 3D Printing

Make 3D printing affordable and accessible.
Compare and optimize internal and external 3D resources with
3YOURMIND Enterprise.

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Enteprise Platform for 3D Printing

3YOURMIND Enterprise Key Features

The Online or On-Premises Platform gives your team all the tools they need to manage 3D Production within your company:

  • Online Collaboration Platform for 3D Projects
  • Automatic Optimization of 3D Models
  • User-friendly Tools for Managing Internal and External 3D Production
  • Accurate Printability Verification
  • Instant Price Estimates
  • Secure Access for Distributed Teams and Multiple Production Locations

Easy Access & Collaboration

3YOURMIND facilitates collaboration in the creation, management, and procurement of 3D printing.

Online access, project organization, simple workflows and increased transparency will spread 3D production across your organization.

Increase Printer Utilization

Make it simple to use available 3D printing capacities to their maximum output with 3YOURMIND.

Analyze models to meet printer and material requirements, load balance queues, automate fulfillment and improve QA effectiveness.

The Old, Complicated Way that 3D Printing occurs in most Companies
The streamlined 3YOURMIND way of 3D Printing

3YOURMIND integrates directly with the most popular CAD software applications. Users can now access all available 3D printing services and capabilities inside their favorite design tools. Find out more about our extensive library of CAD apps.

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Our easy-to-use file management system combines multiple 3D models into a single project to improve efficiency and order processes. Set user permissions to manage file access for your team. Automatic status updates assure that you will always know the latest production status.

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3YOURMIND Project Section

Guarantee high-quality prints with advanced tools that optimize and verify models before sending them to be 3D printed. Automatically confirm the 3D model for compatibility with more than 150 materials and post production processes.

Additional Information

Printability Check
Get instant price quotes for internal and external printing resources. Eliminate costly manual price requests. Easily prepare cost projections for clients or management.
3YOURMIND Materials Comparison
Compare costs and delivery times between professional 3D print services and internal print resources to make informed purchasing and resource allocation decisions.
External 3D Services or Internal Production
Take full control of your production queue. Enable status updates for all orders and reduce failed prints with our assured printability analysis of every 3D model.
3YOURMIND Order Fulfillment Tracking Section
3D Print Supplier Representation, Worldwide
Use 3YOURMIND Enterprise to access the a worldwide network of top industrial 3D print services. Instantly expand your 3D production capacity with a reliable supply chain.
White-label solutions ensure that the platform's look-and-feel matches your corporate identity and workflow.
3YOURMIND Enterprise Platform White-label Customization
Premium Integrations and Export of 3YOURMIND Enterprise Data
3YOURMIND Enterprise can be easily integrated with existing internal applications using our API. Custom integrations for your companies' SAP or ERP systems are available upon request.
The platform is available as a secure web-based platform or can be installed directly on your company's servers. Security is a top consideration throughout the full platform in either method. Choose the solution that is right for you.
Choose Web-based or On-premise Enterprise Platform

We invite you to discover how we can increase the usage of 3D printing at your company, lower the overhead costs, and drive up your machine utilization.

Together we can find great solutions to streamline your processes for additive manufacturing.