AM Order

Bring Accuracy, Speed and Transparency to your AM Order Processing and Order Management

When a business unites every stage of production, its AM workflow is truly optimized.

Standardize Communication

Bring the communication and coordination of AM orders onto a single digital platform. All 3D models, part requirements, questions, comments and approvals are stored side-by-side on a transparent, searchable and sortable digital interface.

  • Centralized Data Storage
  • Custom Part Requirements
  • Communicate Throughout the Value Chain

Automate Order Processing

Leverage a standardized, automated ordering system to increase the usage of AM. The software manages each stage of production, providing printability confirmation, instant and accurate pricing, comparison of materials and suppliers, and automatic order tracking.

  • Printability Confirmation
  • Instant Accurate Pricing
  • Single Access Point for all Suppliers
  • Automatic Order Management

Order Management Built for Additive Manufacturing

Preparing files and orders for AM requires a different process than conventional manufacturing. Our tools were built to standardize and automate background processes so your company can focus on production. 

Streamlined Ordering Platform

Each 3D file is optimized for the required technology and material. Users are able to instantly compare all available production resources - all within a streamlined and user-friendly software.

Quality Control and Tracking

Once the parts move into production, all relevant order data - from optimized models to part and production requirements - is sent to the 3D service or our Agile Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Additional clarification is managed directly within the platform, and production updates are delivered automatically.

Preparing for Serial Additive Manufacturing

Our platform was developed to meet the needs of prototyping - producing sample parts, one-off projects, small series and price sensitive, high precision parts.

But we are already building our core functionality to also support serial AM.  Our customers represent some of the largest names in manufacturings, and working alongside them has enabled us to create software that matches what industry needs.

The future of order management will be driven by digital inventories and contract management. Automated ordering based on resource availability and ensuring the quality of output will be paramount.  These principles guide the development of our software, and will help define the next era of additive manufacturing.

Ready to Optimize your AM Order Management?

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