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3YOURMIND Automates Machine-Read Drawings With Werk24

Product News 3YOURMIND | November 15, 2022 | 3 min read

3YOURMIND introduces a new functionality powered by Werk24 that analyzes two-dimensional technical drawings for additive manufacturing applications.


Nov. 15, 2022, FRANKFURT, GERMANY– 3YOURMIND is expanding its software functionalities with embedded machine-read drawing technology powered by Werk24 to identify and qualify parts for on-demand manufacturing. The partnership signifies 3YOURMIND’s commitment to developing its capabilities and supporting customers' need to produce legacy and obsolete spare parts faster and closer to their end-use.

The integration supported by Werk24 analyzes two-dimensional technical drawings for 3D printability and minimizes tedious data entry by automatically adding 3D-suitable parts to customers' digital inventory. Once diagnosed and sorted by printability, engineers can select the best use cases to evaluate part information further and finalize technical assessments. 

Additionally, the new integration empowers 3YOURMIND customers to analyze parts with existing 3D models. With this functionality, customers can more easily compare data from technical drawings to determine whether 3D-printed parts meet, or improve, part performance.

A step-by-step overview of the werk24 integration with 3YOURMIND

3YOURMIND customers can now analyze technical drawings in four easy steps.

The partnership between Munich-based Werk24 and 3YOURMIND demonstrates manufacturing industries’ growing need to evaluate existing part inventories for additive manufacturing use cases. With this functionality, AM experts and engineers can spend less time doing manual part assessments and more on activities requiring critical expertise, such as new part design. As a result of this integration, engineers can expect to save between 5 to 8 minutes assessing each simple part and up to 45 minutes per complex part.

“We are stoked to work with 3YOURMIND – a company that shares our mission of liberating engineers from reading technical drawings,” says Dr. Jochen Mattes, CEO at Werk24. “Our joint forces allow us to free the AM potential previously imprisoned in drawings.”

Introducing new functionalities to 3YOURMIND’s on-demand manufacturing platform will have significant positive implications for customers.

“We are thrilled to accelerate part digitization for on-demand manufacturing with more AI technology developed by Werk24,” says Stephan Galozy, Senior Vice President of Product at 3YOURMIND. “With this capability, our customers will quickly develop digital inventories of qualified parts for on-demand manufacturing, enabling them to save time and money on a much larger scale.”

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About Werk24:

Werk24 (W24 Service GmbH) is a Munich-based company specializing in the automatic processing of technical drawings using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Its leading AI solution empowers businesses to increase data quality by offering data extraction solutions in seconds. This allows manufacturers to automate the reading of technical drawings and frees engineers to focus on driving innovation. The company was founded by Dr. Jochen Mattes over four years ago and today handles over 100,000 drawings per month.



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