3YOURMIND launches 3D Printing Academy

Press Release 3YOURMIND | January 14, 2016

Berlin based 3D printing business to offer courses and seminars about Additive Manufacturing.

14th January 2016

After concluding a second financing round in which Dr Hans J Langer (founder and CEO of EOS GmbH) positioned himself as the new lead investor of the company in December 2015, Berlin based 3YOURMIND GmbH kicks off 2016 with the launch of its 3D Printing Academy.

Additive Manufacturing offers seemingly endless opportunities for businesses, designers, architects, and engineers. It can however be quite challenging to keep track of the constant innovations and rapidly changing aspects of this technology. 3YOURMIND aims to teach participants the most relevant and professional aspects of 3D printing, so they can take informed decisions and make the most of this technology's potential. 3D Printing Academy courses cover topics such as an Introduction to 3D Printing, CAD-Design and Data Optimization, Operating 3D Printers, and 3D Printing solutions in the industry 4.0. Businesses wich would like to explore the potentials of 3D printing within their specific industry can book individual workshops with the 3YOURMIND 3D printing consultants and receive tailored solutions and strategic tips. "3D printing is developing and changing the face of industry and architecture rapidly. New potentials and opportunities for both businesses and consumers emerge on a daily basis. With our 3D Printing Academy, we hope to help managers and users take informed decisions and to fully benefit from the opportunities presented through 3D printing." says Stephan Kühr, CEO of 3YOURMIND.


3YOURMIND offers intelligent 3D printing solutions for industry and architecture. Their comparison tool on 3yourmind.com presents a convenient way of ordering a 3D printed model of a prototype online. Users can upload their 3D file, which is automatically repaired to achieve a better 3D print result. Afterwards, the user can compare prices of various 3D printing services, and choose from different materials. 3YOURMIND gathers DAX-30 groups and 3D printing suppliers as their clients and partners.

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