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Launch of AM Webinars March 2020

Blog Video 3YOURMIND | March 19, 2020 | 1 min read

We want to ensure you can still receive the updates we planned for AMUG and Rapid+TCT now that Additive Manufacturing conferences have been postponed due to the COVID-19 virus. We will begin with three webinars showing the presentations that were prepared for AMUG 2020. The highlight is our keynote with Erpro 3D Factory about how they are using software to establish fully digital, serial additive manufacturing. The use of software for automation is timely, as the world looks more closely at digital automation and connection.

Product Updates via Webinar

Since formnext, 3YOURMIND has had several key advancements in machine connectivity, tracking parts for transparency or quality control and improving our part analysis algorithms within the Agile PLM module. Our two technical account managers, Jakub Karocha and William Cuervo will provide a demonstration of how automation can already offer significant improvements to the current AM workflow. This includes pointing out the “low hanging fruits” for automation in so that OEMs and AM suppliers can focus on the best opportunities for streamlining their workflows.

In addition, Marie Thiebault, the key account manager for Erpro 3D Factory will talk through the concrete steps that Erpro has used to setup a factory prepared for automation and the missing steps to complete the circuit. Even in a completely redesigned factory production the largest AM serial application in the world, there are still a substantial number of manual processes that hide problems and slow down production.

From Wednesday March 25th to Friday, March 27th, we will host one webinar per day to spread the world about the advancement of automation in additive manufacturing.

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