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Meet Part Requirements More Easily by Comparing AM Materials

Product Stephan Galozy | June 24, 2024 | 3 min read

We added design improvements to our material database so that you can compare replacement materials more easily.

We are amazed by our customers' great feedback on the new material module we released last month. This month, we made it even more powerful by allowing users to compare different materials simultaneously. This new functionality helps users to compare all material properties at a glance and select the right material for their AM part.

Continue reading to learn how it can be used.

Advanced Material Comparison With Enhanced Design

Last month, we released 3YOURMIND Version 24.5, introducing customers to the advanced material comparison feature available in the production tab. This month, we've enhanced the feature design to allow users to browse and compare more than 1,200+ AM materials more easily, simplifying the process of finding alternative or replacement materials. 

How does it work?

Imagine you have a bracket like the one pictured below. If you know what material was used in the original part or know the key features of the material, you can filter the database and display materials based on your part's requirements.

Feature Highlight - 24.6 New Material Comparison & Recommendation

Pictured: With the enhanced material comparison feature, you can filter materials based on material family (polymer) or key features (UV and heat resistance)

So, how is this different from our previous release?

This month, we’ve improved the user experience, creating a new display panel that allows users to compare the material options next to each other and review all technical specifications more intuitively. This simple improvement helps users to find the right material for their application in seconds.

Material Comparison Enhancement

3YOURMIND's Advanced Material Comparison is available within the Part Identification module.

Watch the video below to see it in action – and check out our 24.5 update to learn more about how our material comparison functionality can simplify your part production workflow.


All Improvements at a Glance

  • Enhanced design makes comparing replacement materials in the Advanced Material Database more simple.
  • Improved 2D drawing data extraction makes planning post-processing activities easier.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements.

For more details, see our release notes for 24.6.

This release is being rolled out to our SaaS customers. If you are still waiting to see updates, they should be available within the next few days. 

For further information or feedback, please contact our technical support helpdesk or contact us via e-mail.

Stephan Galozy

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