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Now You Can Evaluate Your 2D Part Drawings With 3YOURMIND

Product Stephan Galozy | May 4, 2023 | 4 min read

You asked, and we answered. Machine-read analysis of 2D drawings is here.

We are proud to present our new LTS release, which will become available for all our SaaS and on-premise customers over the next few weeks. This version contains our new machine-read-drawing analysis feature that helps companies digitize parts at scale.

Keep reading to learn more about all the latest improvements.

Now Offering Machine-Read Analysis of Technical Drawings

We’ve made it easy for customers to automatically screen thousands of 2D drawings in 3YOURMIND and get quick responses about printability and cost estimations. As a result, innovation and engineering teams no longer need to design a 3D part file from 2D technical data to gain printability insights.

Our software can process 2D drawings directly, which helps save teams time on manual tasks so they can focus their expertise where it’s needed most. It may sound like magic, but in our new version, you’ll see how we’ve made it a reality. 

Example of a technical drawing with the most valuable information that is evaluated by 3YOURMIND’s part assessment software.

Picture: Example of a technical drawing with the most valuable information evaluated by 3YOURMIND’s part assessment software.

The technology is embedded in 3YOURMIND’s part identification and assessment processes and works well for single and batch uploads. By default, we support multiple drawing formats with the ability to teach the AI-based algorithms any industry standards in the United States, Europe, or Asia-Pacific.

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Our Customers Share Our Vision

We’re proud to work with leading OEMs in industries like railway, defense, and energy to bring great technology to production. Our clients manage millions of reference cases, and they use 3YOURMIND to screen their portfolios to identify the right candidates to switch from conventional to additive processes.

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Example of a leading railway OEM's distributed network of advanced manufacturing capabilities, powered by 3YOURMIND.

Now, 3YOURMIND’s new 2D drawing analysis helps customers find those parts faster than ever. By getting immediate feedback on part printability, customers can digitize their parts to build 3D digital part inventories. This means that teams working in the supply chain, production, and purchasing can use digital inventories to order and print parts in just a few clicks.

Latest 3YOURMIND Improvements at a Glance

Check out the improvements below, or view the full update documentation here.

      • Customers can now bulk-assess and extract information from 2D technical drawings for additional assessment functionality.
      • Reinstating rejected parts to align with customer feedback
      • Part detail now contains an improved layout of action items
      • Users can now hover over part authors to quickly view contact information 
      • Filter by customer groups for enhanced functionality
      • New notification informing catalog users about unsupported part configuration
      • Unfinished sequences are now automatically converted to the last step upon order closure
      • Service offers greater specificity with more service attributes 
      • Platform announcements are now working in part assessment
      • Part list in production loads faster
      • Added a modified date filter to the part in the production (API)
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This release is currently being rolled out to our SaaS customers. If you don’t see updates immediately, they should be available within the next few days. 

On-premise customers will soon receive the installation package to enjoy all the benefits from improvements made over the last six months (Version 22.11 to 23.4).

For information on how to roll out the new on-premise version for your organization, please contact our technical support help desk or contact us via email.

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