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Technology Applied Selects 3YOURMIND as its AM Software Provider

Blog Customer Story Devin Culham | June 4, 2024 | 2 min read

Technology Applied, Poland’s leading 3D printing service bureau, renowned for its expertise in SLS, MJF, DLP, SLA, and FDM technologies, has chosen 3YOURMIND as its AM workflow software provider.

With a diverse range of 12 polymer-based materials, including PA12, glass-reinforced polyamide, aluminum-reinforced polyamide, and more, Technology Applied has produced functional parts for machines, devices, and production lines, as well as small and medium series products for customers since 2015. Technology Applied recently selected 3YOURMIND’s on-demand manufacturing platform to enhance its order and production quality management workflows.

Technologia-FDM-copyright Technology AppliedTechnology Applied specializes in several 3D printing technologies, including FDM. Photo courtesy of Technology Applied.

3YOURMIND’s robust software will streamline Technology Applied’s order intake by offering prospective customers an easy-to-use interface that instantly offers price and delivery quotes. The software also provides Technology Applied customers with order updates, keeping customers informed about the order’s production and delivery status while streamlining the service bureau’s operations. Technology Applied will also enhance its production processes with production scheduling and build orientation tools, allowing the service bureau to experience machine utilization efficiencies.

3YOURMIND - digital inventory of parts Technology Applied will utilize 3YOURMIND's software to streamline order intake and production processes.

Regarding the decision to use 3YOURMIND, Technology Applied CEO Jorosław Kozak said:

“We’ve previously been a customer of 3YOURMIND, and after using other AM workflow software on the market, we have selected 3YOURMIND because it's a stable solution that enables us to realize order management and production efficiencies, which empowers us to scale our business.”

Technology Applied joins 3YOURMIND’s roster of more than 40 customers, including service bureaus, maintenance repair organizations, original equipment manufacturers, and government agencies across six continents. 3YOURMIND’s team of AM consultants works with customers like Technology Applied to streamline implementation timelines and adapt the software to meet the business's unique needs.

“We’re pleased to be selected as the go-to software provider for a respected and experienced service bureau like Technology Applied,” said Nolvhen Gesbert, EMEA Business Development Manager at 3YOURMIND. “We look forward to providing value-adding solutions that will continue to empower Technology Applied to produce great products for its customers.”

For more information about Technology Applied, visit ta.parts.

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