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Top 3D printing innovators meet in Berlin

Customer Story Brian Crotty | January 20, 2017 | 2 min read

Almost 2 years ago, the Berliner 3D-Druck Netzwerk was founded as a partnership between Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH and 3YOURMIND GmbH. The network has grown to be a meeting point for over 150 3D printing enthusiasts attending each event. There are few places where so many companies working on the cusp of innovation exchange ideas and momentum.


Industry representatives are also developing a strong interest to attend the events to learn about the newest developments and access the wealth of experience from the attendees. This is underscored by the hosting of the event at the Fraunhofer Institute für Produktionsanlagen und Konstruktionstechnik where 3D-printing is one of the cornerstones of their vision for Industrie 4.0.

Berlin Partner has already confirmed that Local Motors and Additive Works will be among the speakers at the event.

Local_Motors_Olli_Berlin_cp.jpgLocal Motors

3D Printed Olli is being tested in Berlin

Long a pioneer in using 3D printing for automotive - Local Motors is testing their self-driving, 3D printed, electric automobiles here in Berlin.  (Read More)


Additive WorksAdditive-Works-assessment.png

Simulation Software for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Works has a sophisticated technique for simulating the process chain of powder bed based Laser Beam Melting in additive manufacturing.

Space is limited, so register now to join us at Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionsanlagen und Konstruktionstechnik on the 9th of February.  

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