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ISS: 3D Printing in Zero Gravity


How 3D printing technology is adapted for use in space? "Made In Space is working on expanding this technology to other realms of on-orbit manufacturing, including the construction of large-scale structures in free space by Archinaut." During an exclusive interview with 3YOURMIND Made in Space's Product Strategist, Harrison Pitman gave us insight into Zero Gravity production.

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A product is not innovative, just because it is 3D printed.

Interview Customer Story

The 3D printing industry these days is on everyone's lips. We talked with Arno Held, Development Manager at AM Ventures, about the advantages and disadvantages of additive manufacturing in the industry. Read more about the chances of generative production and potential business models for start-ups.

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"Additive manufacturing will affect all areas of construction"


In the field of Architecture, 3D printing is especially known for its use in model construction. In spite of this, the potentials are great and it is quite conceivable to use Additive Manufacturing for the production of all components of the trade, including building. We speak with Berlin architect Sven Pfeiffer about the opportunities and risks of the technology.

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