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Want To Know if Your Parts Walls Are Thick Enough To Print?

Product Stephan Galozy | November 30, 2023 | 2 min read

Time flies, especially when you're implementing great customer feedback in your 3YOURMIND software!

I’m excited to announce our December release is out, and it comes with valuable enhancements such as improvements to assess part printability better and streamline communication with certified suppliers.

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Part Printability Highlights Thin Walls and Printable Sizes

Checking the printability of parts is an essential aspect of building a business case for an on-demand part. The new 3YOURMIND update provides engineers with a very good technical understanding of whether or not a design is printable. 3YOURMIND software mapped material properties such as printable walls and printable sizes with the 3D design to give engineers quick and reliable feedback.

Video: Wall thickness analysis considers real material properties for part identification

Communicate Internally on Projects, Not E-mails

Transparency and strong in-app communication with customers have always been strengths of 3YOURMIND software. Our new version builds on top of this and enables services to collaborate internally with comments on the project (and not on emails), which can be shared with customers where needed.

In-app communication with internal and shared comments - 23.12 newsletter
Pictured: In-app communication with internal and shared comments

Other Improvements at a Glance:

  • Extended printability analysis
  • Enhanced collaboration with internal comments
  • Property tooltips on AMPI part detail
  • Updates to geometric part properties
  • Filter part list by creation and last modification date
  • More easily view project IDs and names on project pages
  • Various bug fixes

For more details, see our release notes for 23.12.


This release is currently being rolled out to our SaaS customers. Updates should be available within the next few days if you still await updates. 

For further information or feedback, please get in touch with our technical support helpdesk or contact us via email.

Stephan Galozy

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Stephan Galozy
Chief Product Officer



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