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The combination of EnOcean's Switch Design Kit and 3YOURMIND’s access to professional print services is one of the first consumer combinations of 3D Printing and the Internet of Things.

Designers, makers and inventors can directly access and modify the sensor casing from the EnOcean’s Design Center. Those files can then be uploaded and printed in over 150 materials and finishes using 3YOURMIND to access to professional 3D Printing services worldwide. The only limit to the final application is the imagination of the creator!

EnOcean Switch Design Kit

By putting 3D models online, Element14 simplifies the process of prototyping IoT by switching from full creation to adaptation. It embodies the free access spirit of both the IoT and particularly the 3D printing movement. 3YOURMIND, in turn, gives access to have those designs verified for printability and then professionally produced in over 150 Materials and Finishes.

Stefan Kühr, CEO, 3YOURMIND


By shifting the implementation of IoT from “made-by-hand” to 3D printed components, the result has a higher quality creating a much more seamless weave into the daily fabric of life.

  • Adding a switch next to the bed to turn on the lights all the way to your kitchen
  • Triggering the thermostat to turn on when the front door is unlocked
  • A garage door opener as a switch in the 3D printed cell phone holder on the car dashboard
  • 3D print your light dimmer in gold, with the same pattern as your antique lamp 


Getting Started

STEP 1: ORDERelement 14 box

The Element14 Sensor Kit is available in Europe directly from Farnell.com. The self-powered sensors takes the electrical complexity out of designing for the internet of things.


Download your CAD Integration from 3YOURMIND so that you can upload your modified design files directly to the online platform.


Access the design files you want to modify for your specific application from the EnOcean Design Center.

There are 6 available components to modify:

  1. Clamp Switch
  2. Contact Switch
  3. Dual Rocker
  4. Mini Tab
  5. Push Button
  6. Roller Switch
EnOcean ClampSwitch 
Download Design from EnOcean


Print with 3YOURMIND 


EnOcean ContactSwitch 


Download Design from EnOcean


Print with 3YOURMIND

Print with 3YOURMIND


EnOcean Dual rocker 
Download Design from EnOcean


Print with 3YOURMIND



EnOcean Mini Tab 
Download Design from EnOcean


Print with 3YOURMIND



EnOcean PTM Push Button


Download Design from EnOcean 


Print with 3YOURMIND





EnOcean roller switch


Download Design from EnOcean


Print with 3YOURMIND



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3YOURMIND solves a huge problem in bringing additive manufacturing to the broad mass: with 3YOURMIND, 3D-data are analysed and optimised for printing in a matter of seconds. This saves a lot of time and money. 

A tremendous additional benefit for the customers is the direct integration into the CAD programs.

Dr. Hans Langer (CEO), EOS GmbH

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