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Security at 3YOURMIND

We put enterprise-level security at the foundation of our software to manage Additive Manufacturing workflows. All 3YOURMIND platforms use transport layer security, server-side encryption, rigorous security testing, intrusion detection and active monitoring to protect the sensitive data of our customers.

Questions on Workflow Security?

Our Platforms are Built to Secure the
Future of Manufacturing


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On-Premises Installation


3YOURMIND Web-based SaaS Installation

Web-based (SaaS) Platform

Platform Security Features

3YOURMIND already provides secure platforms to some of the world’s largest manufacturers.
We support companies that are building the products of the future and we understand the importance of maintaining strong security at every stage of their production process.
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Data Encryption in-Transit and at-Rest
  • Automatic System Monitoring, Direct Alerts, Instance Logging
  • Layered Platform Permissions
  • Already compliant with the GDPR-EU (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Compliant with the Federal Trade Commission Act (15 u.s.c. §§41-58)
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Advanced Intellectual Property (IP) Protection for End-to-End Workflow Security

3YOURMIND now offers their clients the most comprehensive and secure end-to-end 3D production system on the market.

With their cooperation with Identify3D whose technology suite will be added to 3YOURMIND’s Enterprise Platform. Enhanced IP protection will be offered throughout all stages of streamlined additive manufacturing workflows.

The encryption protocols allow companies to work smoothly with both internal and external suppliers. The solutions ensure that additive manufacturing is an option for any company, even those working in high-security environments.

Identify3D Authenticate 3D-printer


3YOURMIND is the first company to integrate the security tools into end-to-end 3D printing workflows.

  • Identify3D ProtectTM : 3D Design encryption at rest. 3D print file optimization and order processing are still performed by the 3YOURMIND platform.
  • Identify3D EnforceTM : Encryption of machine production process to guarantee quantity, time-window, material, production-run size, and even limit production to a single machine or location.

Add Enterprise-Level Security to your
Industrial 3D Printing Workflows

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