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OSRAM:  AM Replacements for Out-of-stock Items

The shielding glasses they had been using for over 20 years to hold the special lenses they needed to protect their eyes during their high-end light bulb production were no longer available. The alternative was purchasing individual pairs of glasses at varying strengths which was not only more expensive, it would also slow down their workflow.

Customer: OSRAM Licht AG
Product dimensions: 148 x 149 x 75 mm
Technologies/materials: SLS, PA-12
  • Versatile, ergonomic size & shape adjustments
  • Detachable, folded side panels
  • Replaceable frames components
Scope of services:
  • Consulting
    • AM Part Identification
    • Project Management
  • CAD Modeling
    • Computed Tomography (CT) Scan
    • Reverse Engineering based on Voxels
    • 3D Model Optimization
  • Project Execution
    • 3D Printing
    • Prototype assembly
Osram commissioned AM Services to take one of the last, already broken pairs of shielding glasses and reverse engineer them into a form the company could continue to use on the work floor. In order to avoid destructive approaches, AMS used a computed tomography (CT) scan to capture the complex inner geometries of the mechanisms within the frames, optimised the file for SLS production and delivered a prototype of glasses that will keep the eyes of Osram’s team safe while they produce the next generation of innovative light bulbs.

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