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SIEMENS: Increasing Sales using Additively Manufactured Models

Visualizing the efficiency improvements in energy turbines is a challenge. Siemens Power and Gas is a long standing customer of AM Services and has commissioned over 250 3D printed scale replicas of their turbines to ship around the world. The larger models are eye-catchers on trade shows and help the sales team describe the efficiency improvements in the technology.
Customer: Siemens Communications, Power and Gas
Product dimensions: -
Technologies/materials: -
  • Scale replicas (some motorizied) of Gas and Steam Turbine models SST-5000, SGT-800, SGT-400
Scope of services:
  • 3D Model Downscaling
  • Concealing Sensitive Information
  • Model Optimization based on Technology Guidelines
  • AM Project Execution
  • Assembly of 3D Models, Including Parts Controlled by Electric Motors
  • Display Cases, Flight Cases and Custom-fit Foam Packaging
Additive Manufacturing is the only technology that can cost-effectively produce the models at the low volume and high model complexity that is required. AM Services downscaled models of the actual turbines, concealed any sensitive design details, added cavities and interlinked components for motorization and optimized each model for AM. Digitized models can be re-ordered for any Siemens Power and Gas location in the world.

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