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How to Harness 3D Printing for Defense and Combat Readiness

Video Devin Culham | May 2, 2023 | 1 min read

Learn how the defense industry leverages additive manufacturing to spur innovation and enhance combat readiness.

As additive manufacturing technology progresses, defense industry use cases continue to grow. Whether it's innovating based on needs in the field, or preparing for the next generation of warfare, the flexibility and on-demand capabilities of 3D printing continue to prove their worth.

In this episode of 3D Talk Show, hear from experts Howie Marotto, AM Business Director at EWI/United States Marine Corp., and David Reith, AM Lead at the British Army, as they discuss additive manufacturing use cases, challenges, and opportunities for innovation with moderator Michael Petch.

January 2022 - 3DFTS Social Media

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