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Youth-Led NGO Responds to Ukraine Crisis With 3D Printing

News 3YOURMIND | March 18, 2022 | 4 min read

The initiative supports Ukrainian defense and humanitarian efforts in response to the ongoing Russian military invasion in Ukraine.

WARSAW, Poland, March 18, 2022 – Polish youth-led NGO, TeenCrunch, is partnering with Sygnis S.A. and 3YOURMIND to back the ‘Tech Against Tanks’ initiative to support Ukrainian defense and humanitarian efforts in response to the ongoing Russian military invasion in Ukraine.

The ‘Tech Against Tanks' project database platform supports the production and distribution of 3D-printed medical, tactical and protective equipment from professional additive production hubs and local makers across Poland, Germany, and Ukraine.

The initiative calls on the 3D maker community to donate machines, materials, battlefield-ready application designs, funding, and production capabilities to bolster Ukraine’s defense measures and civilian aid.

With the help of donated 3D printers and designs, the initiative uses additive manufacturing technology as a universal tool to accelerate medical and defense part production. As a result of the maker community’s efforts, Ukrainians can access needed supplies with fewer logistics and supply chain disruptions. 

The initiative spearheaded by TeenCrunch enables users to upload 3D part files to the platform to drive part qualification and production of 3D printed applications. As a result, makers and production hubs can manufacture and distribute parts to support Ukrainian defense efforts. 

The effort, though targeted to address the current conflict in Ukraine, is intended to help other countries and regions affected by war by creating a platform that can be accessed when and where the need arises. 

Poland-based Sygnis S.A. has already designed 3D-printable solutions and donated 20 FDM 3D printers to a Lviv-based production facility. As a result, the Stand With Ukraine initiative has already produced protection pads and is currently rapid-prototyping easy-to-produce tourniquets. 

Sygnis S.A. will continue to qualify and produce submitted 3D part files with the help of Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine, ICRC paramedics, and military experts. Through its platform, Sygnis S.A. is also organizing an open call for 3D-printable projects that can help the Ukrainian cause, including contributions from:

  • Staff and students at design universities
  • Professional designers
  • Engineers
  • Military professionals
  • 3D makers

Berlin’s 3YOURMIND will enable the platform’s digital part inventory and distribute printable part files to its network of additive manufacturers and 3D makers. The ‘Stand With Ukraine’ response follows 3YOURMIND’s COVID-19 Response platform blueprint, which enabled the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the height of the global pandemic in the spring of 2020.

"With company roots deeply embedded in Poland and Germany, 3YOURMIND is invested in the cause in Ukraine,” says Aleksander Ciszek, CEO and Co-Founder of 3YOURMIND. “With this distributed manufacturing database, we hope to engage engineers to create 3D designs that production facilities can utilize to print and deliver parts to aid Ukrainian people.”


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TeenCrunch, Sygnis S.A., and 3YOURMIND collaborate on Stand With Ukraine AM platform.

The partnership also includes contributions from European military institutions to identify quick-to-print 3D parts that can be transported to Ukraine in coordination with logistics specialists and the Polish military. In addition, the Ukrainian military will continue to share information regarding requested medical and civilian equipment needed to aid Ukrainian defense.

“I believe that our project with Sygnis and 3YOURMIND for supporting Ukraine will have a long term value for this country, but will also support other countries and regions affected by war like Syria, says Agnieszka Kranz, Co-Founder of TeenCrunch. “We want to show that technology like 3D printing might be the best solution against tanks, but we also see 3D printing as one of key resources after war for rebuilding Ukraine.” 

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About TeenCrunch:

Teencrunch is an acceleration program for Polish teenagers with exceptional business ideas. Working under the watchful eye of experienced mentors, Teencrunch works together to give a new face to the Polish startup scene.


About Sygnis S.A.:

Sygnis S.A. is a deep-tech company specializing in research and development projects in the field of additive technologies. Sygnis S.A. is currently working on several dozen projects, solving problems in the areas of new additive manufacturing, biotechnology, energy production and transportation, and nanotechnology.



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