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How much can you optimize your AM processes?

Our mission is to help manufacturers and service bureaus implement software solutions to optimize their AM workflows and pave their way to success.

After completing this survey, we will provide a clear cost savings calculation to help focus your company on how to implement the next phase of additive manufacturing.

Complete the following questionnaire and you will receive a personalized analysis of your business.


Ready to join the leading AM adopters?

3YOURMIND offers a full suite of software to help your company expand the additive manufacturing division at each stage of growth.

The Agile PLM is designed to support the identification and organization of AM part data. The Agile ERP features support automatic pricing, comparison and distribution of orders throughout a distributed manufacturing network. The Agile MES is targeted at companies who have ongoing additive manufacturing and are looking to scale using process automation.

Our portfolio of software enables your company to join industry leaders in  automating additive manufacturing processes.