How Are Private Space Companies Benefiting from 3D Printing?

3D Printing is becoming an integral part of realizing the dream of Traveling in Space. In the past few years, we have witnessed the private sector entering this industry. They are using 3D Printing to gain a more competitive edge with smaller series production for the iterative development of their new spacecraft. They can build reliable, usable prototypes that allow them to optimize functionality, while producing an entirely new class of efficient vehicles.

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IoT + 3D Printing = Mass Customization

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents an opportunity for objects to learn from us and become responsive to our needs in the moment. But that data can also affect the design of the next generation products around us. Companies can provide mass customization using 3D printing as the driving technology.

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How top space companies are profiting from 3D Printing

 Aerospace companies are poised for significant gains by integrating additive manufacturing. They benefit from reducing weight at every opportunity so lightweight components make a huge difference in cost and feasibility for space. Remote, on-demand and small batch production are also significant factors for space travel. And the real future is in producing new components directly in space from other parts.
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Manufacturing Impact: Winergy’s Functional, 3D Printed Gear Drive Model

In wind power, as in most maturing industries, it is increasingly difficult to stand out among the service providers. Winergy produces the world’s largest offshore turbine and gearbox. They were looking for a way to display the complex gear mechanisms that are used to translate the wind energy into electric power within the turbine. They commissioned 3YOURMIND to create a 3D printed model of the gear drive.

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3YOURMIND Named Winner for Formnext Start-Up Challenge 2016

Professional Software Solutions
for Additive Manufacturing

3YOURMIND is announcing that it has been named the Winner of the formnext Start-up Challenge, in the 2nd Annual Competition organized by formnext. The selected from companies younger than 5 years with a product specific to Additive Manufacturing that is already launched to market.

Photo source: 3D Printing Industry

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Put the 3D Printing to the Metal | 3YOURMIND

In order to meet the production demands of industrial uses, Additive Manufacturing is becoming increasingly oriented on metal. 3YOURMIND, the leading provider of 3D printing software solutions, has announced the world’s first fully automated price calculation and management tool - specifically for metal printing. They provide 3D print services to Enterprise customers who are surging towards a fully automated workflow for metal. For more information, you can visit 3YOURMIND, the Startup Challenge Winners at formnext 2016, Stand B60H.

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Transforming Logistics with 3D Printing

Integrating Additive Manufacturing with Logisitics will Enable Mobile and Dynamic Production

The future combination of additive manufacturing and logistics will enable a new era of on-demand manufacturing. 3YOURMIND is partnering with DPD Germany to reinvent the Supply Chain Management.

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Automotive Industry Leaders Shift Production Processes with 3D Printing

Eliminating Overproduction & Simplifying Assembly

Whenever a new technology is introduced to a production process, several questions arise, such as

  • “How would this enable money saving?”
  • “Do we have the capacity to master this technology and integrate it into our current operations?”
  • “What specific aspects will this enable us to improve?”

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Functional, Motorized 3D Printed Turbine Model for Siemens

Making an impact at trade events and in customer presentations is increasingly difficult as the number of venders, media hype and advertising grows each year. When Siemens was looking for a novel way to present their new SGT-8000H series turbine they called upon their partnership with 3YOURMIND. The engine performs at an efficiency of 60.75% (TUV certified) in combination with the combined cycle operation. That makes it one of the most efficient gas-fired power plants in the world. The complex turbine combines proven product lines with innovative technologies, rendered with high-detail as a 3D model.

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Optimizing your 3D Printing Workflow for Medical & Dental

How to combine existing and innovating technology to improve quality, and reduce costs of medical supplies.

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Medical costs are one of the major problems that societies face, especially in countries with aging populations.  One of the biggest cost considerations for medical and dental solutions is producing small batch custom parts that are adjusted to patient's unique body form. Because these are mostly 1-time products, they have high production costs. But with the introduction of new technologies like 3D scanning and 3D printing those costs are being significantly reduced. As more companies experiment with the technologies, they are also moving them into wider adoption. Workflows and tools are becoming available to integrate this innovative technology into existing practices to improve performance, quality and reduce costs of medical supplies.

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