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InstAMetal about Advantages of AM in Metal


GKN Sinter Metals is the world's largest manufacturer of precision metal powder components. Earlier this year, the company launched the InstaAMetal platform using the 3YOURMIND eCommerce infrastructure to provide instant access to their AM resources.

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Metal 3D Printing at Production Speed - Interview


SPEE3D is an Australian company that’s gaining significant visibility within the additive manufacturing industry for their innovative metal 3D printing technology. It is called supersonic 3D deposition (SP3D) and it is based on a technology that was originally developed for use in the military and for repair applications.

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3YOURMIND Raises $12M to Transform Industrial 3D Printing


Series A Funds Targeted to Build on Strong US Market Entry with East Coast Expansion

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Siemens: 3D Printing to Drive Effective Marketing

Customer Story

Learn how businesses can use 3D printed models to drive marketing and secure more clients.

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How Can Additive Manufacturing Lower Automotive Costs?

While lean manufacturing techniques have become standard practice for every car manufacturer, there are still several factors that add significant cost to the purchase price. The companies who first maximize new productions methods will secure their competitive advantage in the field.

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5 Ways Additive Manufacturing Lowers Costs for Automotive

The automotive industry is constantly balancing the efficiency of traditional production lines and the demand of servicing customers worldwide. Heads of production and cost analysts need to determine if the benefits of mass fabrication outweigh shipping costs, storage costs, and the amount of time required for production against the benefits of Additive Manufacturing. But as the technology comes of age, the scales are shifting...

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Metal 3D Printing #2: Healthcare and Architecture

In our previous post we discussed the current use cases of metal 3D printing in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries, and the growth that metal AM technologies are bringing into these sectors. This post focuses on healthcare and architecture, the other two industries that are being fundamentally changed by the adoption of metal AM.

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3YOURMIND's 3D Printing with Solid Edge ST10

Customer Story News

PRESS RELEASE 31st July 2017 3YOURMIND/Berlin 3YOURMIND provides a native 3D printing integration embedded in professional 3D CAD modeling software. Users can access a full suite of tools to prepare models for additive manufacturing in a variety of materials and production processes. Using the 3YOURMIND print service portal, companies can directly order from trusted 3D printing services approved by Solid Edge.

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New Feature: Commenting on 3D Projects


Additive ManufacturingThe increasing complexity of today’s 3D projects demands simpler and more efficient communication processes. The comments feature within platforms will accelerate production and decision making as well as remove errors caused by inefficient communication.

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Using Metal 3D Printing in Aerospace and Automotive


Much of the current news about 3D printing revolves around the rapid expansion of applications for a singular class of materials: metal. As the advances in 3D metal technology enable new use cases, metal AM is driving the progression of advanced manufacturing into new industrial applications. These innovative developments in all manufacturing sectors are expected to grow exponentially in the next ten years. All industries will increase profitability by improving the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of their production processes.

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