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Our Latest News

3YOURMIND and Werk24 Partner to Automate Machine-Read Drawings for 3D Printability

Product News

3YOURMIND introduces a new functionality powered by Werk24 that analyzes two-dimensional technical drawings for additive manufacturing applications.

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Stories, Articles and Product News

3YOURMIND and Arkema Announce ‘Easy 3D’ Material Ecosystem

Product News

3YOURMIND and Arkema have partnered to create a customer platform providing material suggestions and a supplier network for on-demand manufacturing.

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3YOURMIND Shares Refined Industry Vision for On-Demand Manufacturing


CEO and co-founder Aleksander Ciszek discusses current issues impacting manufacturing industries and how 3YOURMIND's on-demand manufacturing platform can enable companies to access parts faster and develop more resilient supply chains.

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3YOURMIND and JSSB Partner to Develop Digital Inventories in Energy Sector

Customer Story News

JSSB has teamed up with 3YOURMIND to bring to life 3D-printed applications for the oil and gas industry.

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See How Railway Companies are Benefiting From Additive Manufacturing

Customer Story

Read case studies to see how 3YOURMIND customers are leveraging additive manufacturing for the railway industry.

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How Additive Manufacturing Enables Mass Part Customization

Blog Video

In a recent episode of 3D Talk Show, 3YOURMIND hosted experts from Ford Motor Company and Trinkle to discuss how additive manufacturing enables mass part customization.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to On-Demand Manufacturing


Leverage additive manufacturing to print parts when and where they are needed. In this guide, find out how your company can develop its on-demand manufacturing strategy to build a more robust supply chain.

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We Need to Rethink How We Find AM Use Cases


3YOURMIND's Chief Operations Officer, Bas de Jong, shares his thoughts on how to strategically find strong additive manufacturing use cases.

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Markforged Partners with 3YOURMIND to Scale Automation of AM in Multi-Vendor Ecosystems

Product Blog Customer Story News

3YOURMIND Delivers End-to-End Additive Manufacturing Workflow by Integrating Markforged’s Eiger Software to Facilitate Industry 4.0 Adoption.

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