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3YOURMIND’s Agile ERP & MES 4.0

Product Ryan Hayford | August 10, 2020 | 4 min read

Get to know the latest version of 3YOURMIND's Agile ERP and Agile MES products.

Our global economy is transitioning, supply chains are adapting and it’s more important than ever to understand the shifts to that landscape. 
The satisfaction and success of our customers remain at the heart of our development strategy. This new version of our software is the result of a long work in connection with the opinions of our customers and their main needs: to produce more in less time by making 3D part ordering faster and more intuitive. This impactful milestone will enable our customers to speed up their product development lifecycle. In addition, loading time decreased up to 50%, for uploads, orders, and mass production schedules. The improved performance, better usability, and addition of key functionalities empower enterprises to maximize their additive manufacturing potential. Overall, the software is now easier to maintain and scale to more customers with bigger volumes. In three words: Simplicity, Speed, Scalability.


mes-graphWith our upgraded MES (Manufacturing Execution System), you will significantly reduce the processing time typically required when ordering 3D printed parts. The full digitization of the shop floor is empowered by the ability to create unscheduled jobs, and schedule post-processing independently. Advanced search & filtering combined with serial scheduling makes part production planning much easier.

The updated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) enables better communication between Additive Manufacturing Centers and their customers. A more intuitive design, easily adjustable branding, and powerful filtering and searching enable faster ordering processes. Thanks to our enhanced capabilities, it has become easier to upload attachments, even after order placement, and more complete PDF exports. Last but not least, the updated ERP empowers management teams to customize user access, restrictions, and boasts an advanced pricing engine tailored to meet specific discounts and requests for clients. 

Below is an overview of the most important improvements launched within the scope of 4.0. 

1. Produce More in Less Time

Additive manufacturing is still considered a risky investment for some organizations so it's imperative to show value with quantifiable data. AM Centers rely on tangible and intangibles to support their vision. Our upgraded MES (Manufacturing Execution System) 4.0 enables a more flexible and efficient process for planning & producing 3D parts. 

Enhanced Flexibility

The upgraded MES provides more scheduling options than ever before. Now, production planners can schedule jobs based on convenience, time, and material considerations. The enhanced flexibility naturally improves internal and external expectations.

Scheduling of Post-processing jobs [Agile MES] 

Schedule post-processing jobs in Agile MES

Scale up your production [Agile MES]

Scale up your production: This architectural change now enables the MES to work a lot more performant, reducing waiting and loading times.

Improved Planning

  • Through the integration of advanced search and filtering, it’s easier to find the right part or job. 
  • Serial scheduling allows the regular production of parts that are in continuous need (see the ERPRO mascara brushes use case)

All workstations now share the same settings option All workstations now share settings options and can be arranged freely in the MES scheduler.

Better Experience

  • Increase productivity with an improved customer experience and user interface. When faced with complicated grouping sequences (>9000 or more), this simplified software is designed to speed up the process and reduce long loading times.

2. Faster and More Intuitive 3D Parts Ordering

By replacing extensive email and phone communication, we streamline the process from 3D file upload to confirmed print order. 3YOURMIND 4.0 builds on our existing ERP system to dramatically reduce the time needed for AM centers to process individual orders.

Faster and Leaner

  • Experience an immediate boost in productivity with quicker loading times and immediate feedback on printability. 3D model upload time is 50% faster!


    Attach files to Orders, Quotes, and Requests [Agile ERP]Attach files to Orders, Quotes, and Requests [Agile ERP]: This feature increases flexibility towards more efficient communication through the platform, concentrating all shared resources in only one place and saving time.

    Shorter Onboarding

  • The user experience has gone through vast improvements. A more consistent, unified, and understandable platform is integrated to enhance your operations and in turn, provide a better experience for your customers. Don't forget to brand it and make it your own!
User Access Restrictions and Branding Customization [Agile ERP]

Agile ERP's user access restrictions and branding customization offer more flexibility inside your platform. 

Organized for Success

  • The homepage becomes the one-stop shop for getting a quick overview of requests, quotes & orders. Intuitive navigation enables print services to communicate seamlessly with end-customers through the sharing of quotes, answering comments, and placing orders, all from the same site. 

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