Metal 3D Printing on the Rise Part 1: Aerospace and Automotive Industries

Much of the current news about 3D printing revolves around the rapidly expansion of applications for a singular class of materials: metal. As the advances in 3D metal technology enable new use cases, metal AM is driving the progression of advanced manufacturing into new industrial applications. These innovative developments in all manufacturing sectors  are expected to grow exponentially in the next ten years. All industries will increase profitability by improving cost-effectiveness and efficiency of their production processes.

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The International Space Station (ISS) is 3D Printing in Zero Gravity

How 3D printing technology is adapted for use in space? 
"Made In Space is working on expanding this technology to other realms of on orbit manufacturing, including the construction of large-scale structures in free space by Archinaut." 
During an exclusive interview with 3YOURMIND Made in Space's Product Strategist, Harrison Pitman gave us insight to Zero Gravity production.

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How Are Private Space Companies Benefiting from 3D Printing?

In the past few years, we have witnessed the private sector entering the 3D Printing industry, using the technology to gain a more competitive edge with smaller series of production for the iterative development of their new spacecraft. They can build reliable, usable prototypes that allow them to optimize functionality, while producing an entirely new class of efficient vehicles.

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How top space companies are profiting from 3D Printing

 Aerospace companies are poised for significant gains by integrating additive manufacturing. They benefit from reducing weight at every opportunity so lightweight components make a huge difference in cost and feasibility for space. Remote, on-demand and small batch production are also significant factors for space travel. And the real future is in producing new components directly in space from other parts.
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