3D Printing Software for Medical Devices and Prosthetics

Improve healthcare with individualized prosthetics, orthopedics and implants, visualizing organs, and 3D scanning for truly personal care.

3D printing is enabling a cost effective production of individualized objects. In the age of soaring healthcare costs, utilizing 3D printing software to produce the support items for healing using streamlined workflows is a breath of fresh air!

The 3YOURMIND platform allows medical personnel to produce implants and prosthetic devices based on existing scan data using professional 3D service providers. Many surgeons and pathologists are seeing the healing benefits of using 3D printed replica organs for patients to visualize the problem or surgeons to plan complicated procedures. 3D printed organic tissue is already becoming part of scientific research.

The development of new medical devices has typically been a labor intensive process as most designs are completely unique and don’t benefit from pre-built components. Rapid prototyping using 3D printing increases the pace of this design process.

3D printing is enabling low-cost production of individualized implants and prosthetics as well as allowing for rapid design and prototyping of new medical devices.  

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3YOURMIND solves a huge problem in bringing additive manufacturing to the broad mass: with 3YOURMIND, 3D-data are analysed and optimised for printing in a matter of seconds. This saves a lot of time and money.

A tremendous additional benefit for the customers is the direct integration into the CAD programs.

Hans Langer, EOS GmbH

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3D Scan and Print an Individualized Prosthetic Cast Graphic

Provide personalized prosthetics and implants to patients using existing 3D models and 3D scans.

Over 100 different materials to select from including several that are common for medical use such as titanium, cobalt-chrome and PEEK.

Door Component 3D Printed in Various Materials

Use 3D printing to optimize for your patient’s specific requirements and body.

Individualized, optimized solutions help patients heal faster and live better lives.

3D Printed Hearing Aids in Various Shapes and Sizes
3D Printing Management Platform to View 3D Projects and Order Status

Quickly test new medical devices by producing with professional 3D services at the lowest price. 

Examine 3D organs before complicated surgery. Or allow patients to visualize procedures.

3D printed Organ Simulation to Support Surgery

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