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3YOURMIND and Automation Alley Work to Advance Industry 4.0

Blog News Ryan Hayford | April 27, 2021 | 5 min read

3YOURMIND joins Automation Alley's DIAMOnD project which is strategically designed to kick-start the digital transformation of advanced manufacturing for America, starting in Michigan. They will work together to build a distributed manufacturing network of 300 printers.

Detroit, Michigan, April 28th 2021 - Project DIAMOnD, which stands for Distributed, Independent, Agile Manufacturing On-Demand, is a progressive and forward-thinking program that has connected over 300 Michigan manufacturers to accelerate the digital transformation and ensure supply chain resiliency. Created by Automation Alley and funded by Oakland and Macomb counties in Michigan, this program has created the nation’s largest network of blockchain-enabled 3D printers. Now, the program is getting a boost from 3YOURMIND’s software platform.

Role of 3YOURMIND in Project DIAMOnD

3YOURMIND partners with Automation Alley

With every crisis comes opportunity and COVID-19 has highlighted significant weaknesses to the traditional manufacturing and supply chain network. Project DIAMOnD, developed in 2020, is the first program designed specifically to decentralize the marketplace in the United States.

By combining the most sophisticated technologies, Project DIAMOnD will enable manufacturers to produce parts via a vast 3D printing network at competitive prices with a diverse and flexible supply chain. Partners include Markforged, Microsoft, Autodesk, Giggso, and now, 3YOURMIND.

“Distributed manufacturing is the future and we believe that our software platform will enable manufacturers to localize production and leverage domestic expertise,” says Alexandre Donnadieu, Managing Director at 3YOURMIND. “Our role in this project is to further the digital platform and provide end-to-end workflows that make it much more efficient for OEMs to produce parts on-demand.” 

3YOURMIND’s Agile ERP and Agile MES are custom built software tools that aggregate CAD data and identify additive manufacturing-ready parts for production. This tool is seamlessly integrated with a wide variety of 3D printing technologies and materials that enables end-users to coordinate production across multiple facilities.

In this particular case, there are 300 Markforged 3D printing machines networked to the DIAMOnD project across the state of Michigan.

automation alley Network of 300 3d printers
Source: Automation Alley 


“3YOURMIND understands the significance of data transparency and how this leads to new revenue generating opportunities for local businesses,” said Tom Kelly, Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO. “With our established community of 3D printers and 3YOURMIND’s agile manufacturing software, we can coordinate production orders from many different locations and ensure part repeatability.” 

On demand production through distributed manufacturing may become the most economical way to simultaneously improve customer satisfaction and develop a more sustainable model to do so. By removing the logistical costs of shipping, transportation and unnecessary packaging, Project DIAMOnD is providing a blueprint for economical and environmental sustainability.

This is Industry 4.0 in real time.

“In order to accelerate the digital transformation of manufacturing, we must rely on machine learning and technology connectivity,” says Alexandre Donnadieu at 3YOURMIND. “Blockchain technology supports the digital 3D printing network and our software paves the path for data transparency. We believe that supply chain resiliency is possible with Automation Alley.” 

The power of cloud-connected blockchain becomes a strategic tool to connect individual 3D printers to a wider network. This flexibility provides disparate manufacturers with the unique ability to collaborate and keep equipment operational 24/7. Not only does this provide new revenue streams for manufacturers, but it also keeps production possible when disruptions occur in the future. 

Project DIAMOnD is revolutionary because it integrates 3D printing, automation, IoT, and sophisticated software tools that are collectively designed to enhance distributed manufacturing and further promote the endless possibilities of Industry 4.0.

Born out of necessity when an international pandemic struck the planet, Automation Alley saw an opportunity to rebuild the future of manufacturing. What began as a network of PPE production partnerships has evolved into a strategic alliance dedicated to eliminating supply chain risks and improving marketplace transparency.

3YOURMIND is the most recent addition to an outstanding collection of industrial movers and shakers that looks to expand this program domestically and internationally. 

Learn more about Project DIAMOnD here.


3YOURMIND's unique end-to-end workflow software enables industry leaders to build on-demand distributed production models. 3YOURMIND offers Enterprise Software to automate additive manufacturing processes and workflows. Their modularized product suite standardizes every aspect of the Additive Manufacturing supply chain from the creation of digital qualified parts inventories to shop-floor processes automation. The Agile PLM analyzes historical part data to build a digital inventory of AM-ready parts. The Agile ERP automates AM pricing, production recommendations and routine business processes for order management. The Agile MES optimizes scheduling, transparency and quality assurance tracking along the AM production chain.  With end-to-end transparency, traceability and flexibility, the software lays the foundation for Agile Manufacturing. 3YOURMIND is a global organization with headquarters in Berlin, Germany and satellite offices throughout Europe and the United States.

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