Improve 3D Printing Service Performance Using Analytics

Product Update Ana Carolina Rocha | March 8, 2018

Additional analytics features are now available for 3YOURMIND Agile ERP platform users to improve how 3D printing services allocate resources and increase their profitability.

The additional analytics dashboard make it possible for 3YOURMIND’s Agile ERP platform users to track the behavior and usage of their customers and 3D Printing capacities. For the first time real-time data is directly visible to enable them making quicker and more informed decisions and improve their overall business performance.

Agile ERP users statistics
Agile ERP users statistics

Smart Decision Making and Resource Allocation

The Agile ERP platform already automates the processing of order requests and providing instant pricing to their customers. Now graphic visualizations detail the overall performance of the 3D service provider, and adjustable filters make it simple to quickly compare different time periods and identify production trends.

Gaining a clear understanding of customer reach and worth is one of the fundamental values of running and online shop. But establishing realistic growth goals and measuring performance is not possible without accurate data about the current amount of projects requested and their value. The additional analytics provide that information automatically; pre-processed, synthesized and organized for them to make agile production decisions.

Automation of 3D printing is making it possible to choose to continue targeting your top 20% customers (Pareto’s Principle) while retaining the other 80% that will represent in the short run the long tail. Those business decisions can now be made based on real-time performance data. The platform removes the question from investment in new AM machines, adjustment of pricing and determination key customer accounts. That data visibility will speed up the growth and business success of 3D printing.

Agile ERP orders
Agile ERP orders

We know data is the new currency, and by making real-time evaluations visible, 3D Printing Services have the framework they need to make the best decisions for increasing profits. - Stephan Kühr, CEO & Founder. 3YOURMIND

Making Key AM Metrics Visible

tablets erp statistics-1
3YOURMIND Agile ERP tablet analytics

The Analytics in Agile ERP are specific to the unique needs of Additive Manufacturing. The detailed information shows commercial and manufacturing performance, enabling the identification of periods of higher activity, production peeks, and most demanded materials and technologies. In addition, the graphs provide an overview of the total orders compared to nominal profit to identify the true value of produced projects. In addition, usage statistics track the type of users and number of projects that are part of their 3D production.

Being able to understand customer behavior is enabling AM businesses to better adapt to their specific business cases and the daily requirements of Additive Manufacturing.

3YOURMIND is already working on the next generation of Advanced Analytics that will push forward our mission for our customers to more accurately predict future trends. Understanding customer behavior allows 3D printing services to optimize their business and speed up the shift to the on-demand manufacturing that will define Industry 4.0.


3YOURMIND provides platforms to advance Industrial 3D production. Their design-to-production solutions cover each step in the production chain from Evaluation (Agile PLM) to Collaboration (Agile ERP) to Production (Agile MES).

The company is headquartered in Berlin for programming, project management, marketing and sales. They have additional Sales and Project Management offices in Munich, Paris, Wrocław and San Francisco.

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