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Manage Suppliers and Build Digital Warehouses With 3YOURMIND

Product Stephan Galozy | February 28, 2023 | 2 min read

This month we have made a big step forward with our Digital Inventory Management Solution (DIMS). Together with Petronas, the leading energy company in Indonesia, and JSSB's Advanced Manufacturing competence, we developed a digital warehouse of on-demand spare parts for the oil and gas industry.

Keep reading to learn more about these latest improvements.

Digital Warehouse with Private and Public Parts Catalog

Increasing supply chain resilience with on-demand spare parts requires fast and secure business operations. At 3YOURMIND, we’ve built our software specifically for this purpose.

With our latest version, our customers can store their qualified parts centrally, but separately, for each of their customers. This practice protects the customer’s IP while reducing workflow processes. This functionality allows maintenance engineers to order parts on-demand from their suppliers and get parts produced in the shortest possible time.


Pictured: Private and public parts within one digital warehouse powered by 3YOURMIND

Supplier Management Made Easy

Connecting demand and supply is not easy – as most orders need to follow specific procurement processes and requirements. But what if you had these requirements captured on an on-demand ordering flow?

We’ve worked with procurement teams to make ordering faster and more secure by certifying suppliers in 3YOURMIND software. This capability enables automatic order routing and ensures the right supplier gets the right part job in just one click.

Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 11.56.41 AM 
Pictured: Filtering by suppliers that are certified for specific orders.

Latest 3YOURMIND Improvements at a Glance

We're constantly updating current features and working on new functionalities for our customers. Here are some improvements we've made this month:

  • Enhanced catalog management allows customers to share parts publicly or privately.
  • Improved filtering functionality allows users to search the basket by technology or service attributes.
  • Expert users can now access embedded analytics dashboards.
  • The latest update includes more complete part information.
  • Refined notifications enable users to see updates to part configurations and edits to comments.
  • Easily view part list display with truncated part names.
  • Preselected sequence groups further streamline manufacturing workflow.
  • UI improvements with labels and checkboxes for enhanced user experience.
  • Chinese Yuan currency is now available on the platform.

The release is currently being rolled out to our SaaS customers. Contact us if you have questions or feedback, or want to learn more about our on-demand manufacturing platform.


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