AerospaceBusiness Strategy to grow Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace Companies

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Aerospace leaders are generating significant value from AM business cases.

Industry leaders like Safran, Airbus, Lockheed Martin and Emirates are all putting lightweight AM components into the air. Scaling these production pathways, however, will require unprecedented levels of data security and tracking for production repeatability. A single, lightweight component can translate to massive fuel savings over the course of a single year. The challenge lies in keeping coordination, certification and security costs low.



How Critical is Software to Scale Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace?

We believe digital workflows to provide transparency, repeatability and tracking is the best way to ensure a pathway from design to production. Software can distributes the production among MRO, OEM and suppliers over a single interface and captures production requirements securely to ensure repeatable, qualified production of AM parts.

Aerospace AM Business Strategy (PDF)

Primary Organizational Challenges

  • Ensuring IP protection for ӠD designs
  • Tracking file exchange and versioning for IP security
  • Generating quotations without fully disclosing part data
  • Focusing engineering time on aeronautic design
  • Reducing supply chain length with in-house production
  • Increasing part repeatability
  • Tracking and analyzing real-time production data
  • Reducing risk in the supply chain
  • Increasing redundancy and adding flexibility to supply chains
  • Providing transparency of production status throughout large organizations and multiple suppliers

Primary Functional Challenges

IP Security:

  • Transfering design data securely
  • Limiting the number of prints permitted per design


  • Creating lightweight components
  • Improving functionality of machinesand systems
  • Increasing prototyping speeds
  • Producing small series componentsat lower cost


  • Quickly providing high quality jigs & fixtures for assembly lines


  • Reducing internal production line down time
  • Creating a distributed digital inventory
  • Increasing availability of aftermarket/ replacement parts

Dramatically Increase the Effectiveness of your AM

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50-70% total time spent on AM project management

Across industries, using software for internal communication and tracking reduces hours spent in AM projects by 50-70% while maintaining the same level of quality.

60% of the cabin 3D printed

Etihad Airways expects to ӠD print 60% of their cabin by 2025.


Documentation for certification and qualification was rated as the most significant hurdle for shifting spare parts to additive manufacturing.

IP protection

Aerospace maintains some of the highest levels of IP protection of any industry

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