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AutomotiveBusiness Strategy to Scale AM Divisions

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Ready to Begin Scaling your Additive Manufacturing?

The top automotive AM business cases already save businesses up to 60% compared to conventional processes. Automotive OEMs and suppliers are integrating additive manufacturing into their service offerings to add flexibility and expand capabilities in end-use parts, tooling equipment, spare parts, jigs, fixtures and assemblies throughout their supply chain.


Increase AM department ROI

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50-70% total time spent on AM project management

Across industries, using software for internal communication and tracking reduces hours spent in AM projects by 50-70% while maintaining the same level of quality.

40% cost reduction

40% tooling cost reduction using real-time AM supplies.

18% shorter lead times

18% shorter lead times on AM orders using smart scheduling

8x faster screening

8x faster screening of part databases of parts, tools, and assemblies.


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