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How the Automotive Industry is scaling Additive Manufacturing

By 2025, the number of automotive parts produced with AM will have increased dramatically. Daimler, GM, BMW and Ford have all kicked off serial production to gain the cost benefits of AM. Today, top players are focusing on scaling successful AM use cases with digital inventories and automated production processes. In the coming five years, additive manufacturing will be a common option within the full manufacturing scope.


Ready to Begin Scaling your Additive Manufacturing?

The top automotive AM business cases already save businesses up to 60% compared to conventional processes. Automotive OEMs and suppliers are integrating additive manufacturing into their service offerings to add flexibility and expand capabilities in end-use parts, tooling equipment, spare parts, jigs, fixtures and assemblies throughout their supply chain.

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Organizational Challenges
for Scaling AM

  • Access a wide variety of printers located at different production sites
  • Identify, store and share internal AM use-cases from different departments and data sources
  • Standardize and scale AM processes, especially for serial production
  • Optimize portfolio management of suppliers
  • Control costs and support the AM Business Plan and investment roadmap
  • Enforce intellectual property security of 3D files
  • Plan, install and manage an AM-post-processing line

Functional Challenges
to Integrate AM into Production


  • Increase prototyping speed and collaboration
  • Support a full design-to-AM workflow
  • Enforce IP security


  • Quickly provide high quality jigs
    & fixtures to assembly lines
  • Rapid design adaptations to respond to floor conditions and employee needs

Machine spare parts:

  • Reduce production lines downtime - most dramatic impact on profitability

Series and pre-series production:

  • Increasing AM productivity and quality control

Mass customization: 

  • Customer-centric approach for adding product choices
  • Bionic design approach
  • Reduction of assembly groups
  • Reduced part weight

Increase AM department ROI

icon-time icon-cost icon-leadtime icon-screening

50-70% total time spent on AM project management

Across industries, using software for internal communication and tracking reduces hours spent in AM projects by 50-70% while maintaining the same level of quality.

40% cost reduction

40% tooling cost reduction using real-time AM supplies.

18% shorter lead times

18% shorter lead times on AM orders using smart scheduling

8x faster screening

8x faster screening of part databases of parts, tools, and assemblies.


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