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Want to bring the Financial Benefits of AM to your company?

High-performance production machines are also perfect candidates for hard-to-stock replacement or high-performance parts. Keeping production machines running can mean a difference of thousands of dollars per hour. And increasing accessibility to aftermarket parts extends the lifespan of high-cost machinery investments. Software is a critical component to establishing digital workflows that are ready to integrate conventional and additive manufacturing in your company.


Reduce costs by up to 90%. Generate new Tooling Jigs in Hours

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50-70% total time spent on AM project management

Across industries, using software for internal communication and tracking reduces hours spent in AM projects by 50-70% while maintaining the same level of quality.

40-80% tooling cost reduction

40-80% tooling cost reduction for parts that were a good fit to move to external additive manufacturing suppliers.

25% increase in uptime

Average of 25% increase in uptime for internal and external production machines.

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Software to Optimize AM Workflows

Agile ERP

Process and Distribute AM Orders

Agile MES

Schedule and Track AM Parts