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How can Additive Manufacturing best benefit the Machining and Tooling Industries?

Leaders like John Deere, Bosch, Siemens and Mitsubishi are integrating AM produced tooling and high performance parts into their production. This adds speed, increases line up-time and reduces reliance on long, external supply chains. It is also enabling the creation of custom components for Industry 4.0 like the robotic grippers from Festo and KUKA. Some of the biggest success stories to date have come from tooling applications which are growing significantly each year. Cost for jig production can often be reduced by 90% and be printed for use within hours.


Want to bring the Financial Benefits of AM to your company?

High-performance production machines are also perfect candidates for hard-to-stock replacement or high performance parts. Keeping production machines running can mean a difference of thousands of dollars per hour. And increasing accessibility to aftermarket parts extends the lifespan of high-cost machinery investments. Software is a critical component to establishing digital workflows that are ready to integrate conventional and additive manufacturing in your company.

Download the AM Business Strategy

Primary Organizational Challenges

  • Reducing part cost and delivery time within the supply chain
  • Centralizing file storage and access to production information
  • Managing design versioning
  • Ensuring a high level of traceability and security for sensitive part data
  • Decreasing the time for certification processes
  • Formatting and analysis of machine log data
  • Removing redundancy from the supply chain
  • Selecting additional components and assemblies to transition to AM
  • Ability to source obsolete spare parts
  • Improving technical design of spare parts with regards to experienced frequent failures

Primary Functional Challenges


  • Identifying components with highest potential business benefit through additive manufacturing
  • Improving functionality of machine components
  • Reducing weight of key components


  • Quickly providing high quality jigs & fixtures for assembly lines
  • Rapid design adaptations to respond to floor conditions and employee needs
  • Internal conformal cooling reduces cycle time
  • Multi material approach in tools for thermal management (Fe/Cu)


  • Reducing internal production line down time
  • Increasing customer uptime
  • Keeping aftermarket replacement parts in stock (digital inventory)

IP Security:

  • Transfering design data securely
  • Limiting the number of allowable prints per design

Reduce costs by up to 90%. Generate new Tooling Jigs in Hours

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50-70% total time spent on AM project management

Across industries, using software for internal communication and tracking reduces hours spent in AM projects by 50-70% while maintaining the same level of quality.

40-80% tooling cost reduction

40-80% tooling cost reduction for parts that were a good fit to move to external additive manufacturing suppliers.

25% increase in uptime

Average of 25% increase in uptime for internal and external production machines.

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