3D Printing for the Automotive Industry

Enable rapid automotive design cycles, simplify assembly requirements and eliminate inventory waste using industrial 3D Printing.

The automotive industry has always emphasized maximizing production technologies and efficiency. 3D printing is now allowing for a rapid growth in more efficient forms and reducing costs using industrial 3D workflow software.

New forms and lightweight automotive components are able to be realized using new principles of efficient engineering. Selection from over 150 materials and post-processing methods from industrial 3D print services ensures quality production with a click.

Experimenting with new materials will open the doors to new concepts and ideas that can be achieved with a new 3D print file rather then a new factory configuration. Because the costs of individualization fall dramatically with 3D printing, we also expect that the future will contain personalized cars as part of the sale.

3D printing workflow management software allows for efficient, on-demand production of complex 3D components such as engines in a single print. This can lead to big savings in personnel and assembly costs - and the gains will only increase as 3D production times decrease. It reduces inventory costs because stored 3D print material can be used to print-on-demand components that are used over the course of a day. It can automate the pull production process to achieve incredibly lean manufacturing.

Implementing a 3D printing software solution will introduce an innovative new way of “seeing” the supply chain that not only impacts on brand image and cars efficiency, but also contributes to reducing costs and optimizing processes across the whole sector.

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The implementation of additive manufacturing software solutions into our production lines has notably increased the company's efficiency.

3YOURMIND supports us with their expert knowledge and their innovative products.

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Distributed 3D Production Platform for Automotive Components

Eliminate Inventory and Overproduction with smart  software integrations that automate pull production

Digital 3D production allows you to switch resources instantly. Balancing and adjust workflows without costly retooling.

Online 3D Platform to View Projects and Track Order Status

Reviewing Automotive Engine Component to Confirm Printability

3D printing can produce new geometries that allow for extreme gains in efficiency or weight and can reduce the need for downstream assembly.

 Produce 3D parts in any location around the world without sacrificing quality.

Possibility for Distributed Production using 3D Production

Detailed Car Engine Components 

Use rapid prototyping or directly manufacture components for effective decision-making and short test periods. 

Use reduced production cost and software management integrations to open a business pathway for mass individualization.

Enabling Mass Customization in Automative using 3D Printing

Integrate 3D Printing in your Business for a Competitive Edge.