CeBIT 2016: 3YOURMIND about the future of 3D Printing

Press Release 3YOURMIND | March 8, 2016

Berlin based 3D printing business 3YOURMIND stands for innovation in 3D printing. Visit COO Aleksander Ciszek's forum on "3D Printing - changes and opportunities through digital manufacturing" on March 16th.

8th March 2016

Anyone who wants to experience 3D printing can visit the 3D printing experts from 3YOURMIND at this year's CeBIT. The company demonstrates how 3D printers create a physical 3D model from just a file in real time. If you want, you can bring your own 3D file along and have their 3D printing consultants take a look at it. 3YOURMIND aims to establish intuitive and easy access to professional 3D Printing Services "with just one click", because one of the biggest challenges presented in 3D printing is the creation of printable 3D files. Architects and Sales Representatives from companies such as Daimler, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn and Continental appreciate the 3YOURMIND services. The business makes additive manufacturing accessible for everyone through 3D printing project management, business consulting, 3D printing software development for CAD-programs, and their 3D printing service price comparison tool on

This year, 3YOURMIND will show how you can create a printable 3D file directly from your CAD-program, and how to use their real time price comparison tool. Architects and designers can add one of their free software plugins to their CAD-program and use a variety of data optimization and analytics tools. The files are optimized and prepared for 3D printing, and then exported to the 3YOURMIND price comparison platform where users can choose their favourite 3D Printing Service according to price, material, and delivery time. There are currently 11 CAD-software plugins available, most of them were developed for all common CAD-programs. In 2016, 3YOURMIND aims to add more CAD-plugins, as well as online tool plugins for Google Chrome and Google Drive, to their portfolio. At CeBIT you'll also be able to discover a clever cooperation with OSMbuildings. You can select any landmark or building from the global 3D map available on OSM, and a 3D file is automatically generated and ready to be printed at 3YOURMIND. You'll find the berlin based software business at the Innovation Market Berlin-Brandenburg in Hall 6, Stand C26.

COO Aleksander Ciszek will be giving a lecture at the forum of Research & Innovation on "3D Printing - changes and opportunities through digital manufacturing" on Wednesday, March 16th, 11:30 am. 3YOURMIND works closely with research institutes and universities on both national and international level and emphasises collaborative knowledge exchange in the 3D printing industry. This is why the company founded the first 3D Printing Network in Berlin just last month.


3YOURMIND offers intelligent 3D printing solutions for industry and architecture. Their comparison tool on presents a convenient way of ordering a 3D printed model of a prototype online. Users can upload their 3D file, which is automatically repaired to achieve a better 3D print result. Afterwards, the user can compare prices of various 3D printing services, and choose from different materials. 3YOURMIND gathers DAX-30 groups and 3D printing suppliers as their clients and partners.

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