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3YOURMIND and the energy industry shaping the AM digital inventory

In an article published in September 2020, we announced  that DNV, one of the major voices within the oil & gas and energy industry, had invited 3YOURMIND to participate in the Digital Warehouse Joint-Innovation Project. 6 months later,  the decisive phase of the ecosystem simulation is underway with the 3YOURMIND platform as the cornerstone. This collaboration is a breakthrough in terms of digitization of spare parts supply chains with additive manufacturing. The Oil and Gas industry ought to create new sustainable models and digital transformation is a key asset in this endeavor. The blueprint thus created will serve - beyond the energy sector - every industry in need for more flexible parts supply chains. 

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The Oil & Gas Industry Accelerates Its Use of Additive Manufacturing


The recent partnership between two leaders in their respective industries further indicates how valuable additive manufacturing will be to the future of industrialization. DNV GL, one of the major voices within the oil and gas industry, invites 3YOURMIND to participate in the Digital Warehouse Joint-Innovation Project.  Focused on standardizing spare part production and improving the energy value chain, this partnership will equip both sides with the resources and data to transform the oil & gas industry.  Led by DNV GL, the Digital Warehouse Joint-Innovation Project includes industry leaders from around the world dedicated to standardizing a quality assurance process focused on 3D printing. 3YOURMIND joins a prestigious list of partners and will be called upon to implement their software and data collection expertise.  

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Manufacturing Impact: Winergy’s Functional, 3D Printed Gear Drive Model

In wind power, as in most maturing industries, it is increasingly difficult to stand out among the service providers. Winergy produces the world’s largest offshore turbine and gearbox. They were looking for a way to display the complex gear mechanisms that are used to translate the wind energy into electric power within the turbine. They commissioned 3YOURMIND to create a 3D printed model of the gear drive.

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