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See 3YOURMIND solutions in action and discover how our platform can support your business goals.

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Analyze 2D Technical Drawings for 3D Printing Potential

Don't get trapped under a pile of old 2D part drawings.

Discover how 3YOURMIND analyzes 2D technical drawings and economic information to calculate potential cost savings that can be achieved by switching additive manufacturing methods.

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How to Use 3YOURMIND’s Analytics to Drive Decision Making

Take a deep dive into 3YOURMIND's analytics and advanced analytics dashboards.

In this video, we'll demonstrate tactics for getting quick takeaways from your data, as well as drill down to get a more granular view on your part information.

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Use 3YOURMIND to Determine if a Part is Suitable for 3D Printing

So, you have a part file, and you want to learn if it's suitable to produce using additive manufacturing.

In this video, we'll show you how 3YOURMIND analyzes your parts for 3D printability and offers technical and economic data to support decision-making.

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Collaborate With Engineers on AM Parts Using 3YOURMIND

Break free from e-mail chains and hard-to-maintain project management software!

With 3YOURMIND, engineers can collaborate on parts in one platform. Learn how to leave comments and tag team members so information is easy to view in one place.

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