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Metal 3D Printing #2: Healthcare and Architecture

In our previous post we discussed the current use cases of metal 3D printing in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries, and the growth that metal AM technologies are bringing into these sectors. This post focuses on healthcare and architecture, the other two industries that are being fundamentally changed by the adoption of metal AM.

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Utilizing 3D Printing Workflows in Architecture

3D Printing also offers several key “shortcuts” to streamline the presentation of architectural concepts and the development of new designs. Accessing these tools gives a streamlined method to present complex designs and makes small batch production much more feasible. The design and prototyping processes can have quicker iterations and higher accuracy with no additional cost.

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How is 3D Printing affecting Architecture?

The craft of architecture is part of the wave of industries being reshaped by 3D Printing. While the press has been centered around large-format 3D Printing of office buildings in Dubaï, many fundamental, simple workflow changes are already being utilized within architecture firms to improve the speed of design iterations and quality of presentation detail. 3D printing allows for the complex forms of modern architecture to be easily created and refined as visual models prior to construction. Architecture firms that maximize the additive technologieswill be able better integrate visuals into presentations and understand additive manufacturing when it becomes applicable for architecture on a larger scale.

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"Additive manufacturing will affect all areas of construction"


In the field of Architecture, 3D printing is especially known for its use in model construction. In spite of this, the potentials are great and it is quite conceivable to use Additive Manufacturing for the production of all components of the trade, including building. We speak with Berlin architect Sven Pfeiffer about the opportunities and risks of the technology.

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