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Topic: On-Demand Manufacturing Trends

How to Manufacture Using the Amazon Model

Over the past decade, primary business models in almost every industry have shifted because of digitization. Leaders of the digital economy, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook, have leveraged this shift and used software systems to harness, evaluate and process data that have taken over economic leadership in the Platform Era. As a result, the total economic value of harnessing, processing, and sorting data has overtaken the production of goods – at least for now.

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Siemens: 3D Printing to Drive Effective Marketing

Customer Story

Learn how businesses can use 3D printed models to drive marketing and secure more clients.

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How Can Additive Manufacturing Lower Automotive Costs?

While lean manufacturing techniques have become standard practice for every car manufacturer, there are still several factors that add significant cost to the purchase price. The companies who first maximize new productions methods will secure their competitive advantage in the field.

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5 Ways Additive Manufacturing Lowers Costs for Automotive

The automotive industry is constantly balancing the efficiency of traditional production lines and the demand of servicing customers worldwide. Heads of production and cost analysts need to determine if the benefits of mass fabrication outweigh shipping costs, storage costs, and the amount of time required for production against the benefits of Additive Manufacturing. But as the technology comes of age, the scales are shifting...

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Metal 3D Printing #2: Healthcare and Architecture

In our previous post we discussed the current use cases of metal 3D printing in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries, and the growth that metal AM technologies are bringing into these sectors. This post focuses on healthcare and architecture, the other two industries that are being fundamentally changed by the adoption of metal AM.

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Part Inventory Overload for Additive Manufacturing


3D Printing is already impacting every major production industry – from automotive to aerospace – because for the first time, the technology enables the production of individualized parts without increasing manufacturing cost per piece. From GKN to Boeing, business across the globe are investing in AM to get an early access to the benefits this innovative technology provides.

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Why the US Economy Needs 3D Printing More than Ever

The United States is a world leader in additive manufacturing. A majority of the top AM companies are based in the US, but a shrinking workforce of skilled laborers has led to uncertainty about the expansion of AM. Throughout the US, educational environments are shifting and the government has renewed funding for advanced manufacturing to ensure that the 3D printing industry achieves its potential and benefits the US economy.

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US Leads 3D Printing with a Major Potential for Growth

Every year, innovation strengthens additive manufacturing’s foothold within the global economy. But even with the steady growth of the current market share, there still exists a vast potential for expansion, especially in the United States, which is expected to remain at the forefront of AM in the coming years. The American automotive, medical, dental, and aerospace sectors stand out as key factors in the major growth potential.

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Breaking the 3D Printing Barrier for the Ordinary


In an exclusive interview with 3YOURMIND, Meltwerk the Berlin based company founded in 2015 under the brand Trinckle3D, explain the reasons behind their production decisions that support their main mission, to break the barrier between ordinary people and 3D Printing.

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Bio-printing, Bio-inks and organ donation


Lutz Kloke, an expert in bio-printing and the Founder of Cellbricks, a Berlin based company, gives us an insight into the status of technology, the legal gaps, public acceptance of the practice, and his vision for the near future.

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