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Phillips Corporation and 3YOURMIND Partner to Improve Warfighter Innovation

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Phillips Corporation announces partnership with 3YOURMIND to identify AM-ready parts to address the US Government’s strategic initiative to increase warfighter innovation and battlefield readiness.

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Time and cost benefits of digital qualified inventory for SNCF with 3YOURMIND

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SNCF embraces 3YOURMIND’s Agile PLM software to manage their digital qualified inventory and streamline part identification for AM.

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3YOURMIND and the energy industry shaping the AM digital inventory

In an article published in September 2020, we announced  that DNV, one of the major voices within the oil & gas and energy industry, had invited 3YOURMIND to participate in the Digital Warehouse Joint-Innovation Project. 6 months later,  the decisive phase of the ecosystem simulation is underway with the 3YOURMIND platform as the cornerstone. This collaboration is a breakthrough in terms of digitization of spare parts supply chains with additive manufacturing. The Oil and Gas industry ought to create new sustainable models and digital transformation is a key asset in this endeavor. The blueprint thus created will serve - beyond the energy sector - every industry in need for more flexible parts supply chains. 

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How to identify the right AM parts applications with Digital Qualified Inventory?

Marie Thiebault, Country Manager France & Spain at 3YOURMIND, presented during the TIPE 3D Printing Conference about how the international spare parts business will be impacted by additive manufacturing. Her presentation received an overwhelming and positive response which has now led more industrial manufacturers reconsidering their AM approach. The numbers never lie and Marie’s data is more than compelling, it’s motivating. 

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The COO’s Guide to Building a Digital Warehouse


The spare parts business is struggling. By 2025, 8% of SKU’s will transition from conventional sourcing to on demand additive manufacturing. The global MRO market is estimated at $660 billion — impacting oil and gas, defense, energy and transportation industries. Those that do not embrace the next generation of industrialization will be left holding the keys to empty warehouses or witnessing a lack of utilization on outdated capital equipment. These industries are notorious for having vast, complex supply chains, and the lack of information/data from the OEM’s tends to be problematic when it comes to quick production requirements. Simply put, many facilities are becoming more self-reliant and contemplating the next steps to take. Supply Chain Managers and Innovation Officers are asking, how do we prepare our facility to simultaneously meet the demands of our current clients and unlock the potential for future innovation?

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Video Interview on AM Digital Inventory

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Recently, we brought together Daniel Burckhardt (Head of Product) and Brian Crotty (Marketing Director and Public Relations) to discuss the reasoning and strategies that the 3YOURMIND team used to develop the product release of their Digital Inventory.

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3YOURMIND Customer Spotlight - Postnord

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We went to the headquarter of PostNord to hear about their use of Additive Manufacturing, digital inventory and 3YOURMIND to reinvent their Supply Chain.

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Digital Inventory in Automated 3D Part Warehouse

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3YOURMIND, one of the leading providers of software solutions for additive manufacturing (industrial 3D-printing), is launching their Digital AM Inventory module. With this extension of the 3YOURMIND workflow software, AM experts and engineers can centralize their digital inventory of AM-ready parts and production data. 3D-Files in a Digital AM Inventory are then available throughout organizations to move into production with a single click. This saves significant costs compared to a physical component warehouse, and is an important step towards distributed manufacturing.

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