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POLYLINE Lighthouse Project | Navigating Uncertainty and Redefining Factory of the Future

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The POLYLINE project brings together 15 industry and research partners from Germany to establish a landmark automated factory for additive manufacturing (AM). The 3YOURMIND Agile Manufacturing Suite will be the software layer that connects and manages the entire AM workflow. The German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is investing €10.7 Million Euro into the POLYLINE project. The goal of the project is to completely automate an AM production line for automotive parts from BMW - from CAD model to 3D printing and including quality assurance. The resulting production factory will be a lighthouse example of Industry 4.0, leading the way for the next generation of manufacturing. 

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5 Problems for 3D Services to Remain Competitive

In addition to adaptability, being able to foresee change is one of the keys to staying competitive in business. The innovative firms that are providing 3D Printing are part of the 10% of companies serving as digital champions in manufacturing.

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Allocating Your Time to the Right Customers

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Additive Manufacturing technology has been proven to have the highest impact at industrial levels. In this growing industrial 3D printing network services need to identify the right clients to remain competitive, especially as more companies want a piece of the pie.

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Improve 3D Printing Performance Using Analytics

Product Update

Additional analytics features are now available for 3YOURMIND Agile ERP platform users to improve how 3D printing services allocate resources and increase their profitability.

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Printing Services Overcoming Manual Quoting

Capturing the growing demand in a complex market like 3D printing is always challenging. The different issues of each customer are evident in processes that demand high precision and expertise. Meeting incoming customer requests is not yet a problem, but how will you adapt as your demand triples in the next 1-2 years?

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InstAMetal about Advantages of AM in Metal


GKN Sinter Metals is the world's largest manufacturer of precision metal powder components. Earlier this year, the company launched the InstaAMetal platform using the 3YOURMIND eCommerce infrastructure to provide instant access to their AM resources.

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Metal 3D Printing at Production Speed - Interview


SPEE3D is an Australian company that’s gaining significant visibility within the additive manufacturing industry for their innovative metal 3D printing technology. It is called supersonic 3D deposition (SP3D) and it is based on a technology that was originally developed for use in the military and for repair applications.

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Impact of 3D to Anticipate for Printing Logistics

For several years, industrial production has been using 3D printing to drive quicker prototyping and product development. Now it is speeding the pace of innovation for the direct production of functional products.

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3YOURMIND's 3D Printing with Solid Edge ST10

Press Release

PRESS RELEASE 31st July 2017 3YOURMIND/Berlin 3YOURMIND provides a native 3D printing integration embedded in professional 3D CAD modeling software. Users can access a full suite of tools to prepare models for additive manufacturing in a variety of materials and production processes. Using the 3YOURMIND print service portal, companies can directly order from trusted 3D printing services approved by Solid Edge.

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Part Inventory Overload for Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing is already impacting every major production industry - from automotive to aerospace - because for the first time, the technology enables the production of individualized parts without increasing manufacturing cost per piece. From GKN to Boeing, business across the globe are investing in AM to get an early access to the benefits this innovative technology provides.

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